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I set my game's options to OpenGL recently and since the restart, I haven't been able to open the game due to GLSL Compiler crashing constantly. I've tried putting in specific start-up commands, I've deleted, restored and tried adding some extra files but nothing seems to work out, the OpenGL settings have been saved to the Steam Cloud. Following the Compiler's crash, NS2.exe follows with it.


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    Nobody knows what's wrong..?
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    Perhaps try wiping out the '%APPDATA%/Natural Selection 2' folder which contains the configuration file. When you start NS2 again it will re-create the contents of this folder.
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    I've already tried this before, nothing seemed to really happen. The settings are saved to the Steam Cloud, I believe, and are set to automatically reapply on start of the game, disconnecting it from the Cloud didn't seem to work either so I may be wrong.
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    Don't just wipe out the whole configuration file. Go to %APPDATA%/Natural Selection 2 and search for that XML and delete the line that says

    it will then default to the DirectX renderer and did not grab something from the Steam cloud when I tried it.

    By the way: that setting is confusingly labeled: device is like a hardware graphics card for me, not a renderer.
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