OldAssGamers is offering gameserver for 48% cheaper :D

oldassgamersoldassgamers Join Date: 2011-02-02 Member: 80033Members, Squad Five Blue, Reinforced - Shadow
Hello guys! I've decided to offer ns2 game server for 48% cheaper. Please note that the money goes back to you eitherway by upgrading your server or extending the service quality. For information regarding the server specification please visit our homesite at www.oldassgamers.com . Please do not donate using the homesite before you talk with me. In the homesite it currently says 29% euro but once you talk with me it's rechanges to 15 euro.

Take notice that as a thank for your support we offer a private TS3 server 50 slots with 99% upkeep. :D

We at oag has hosted for Mercury (HG) and are currently hosting for Mr.P, BreachLAN.co.uk, The ultimate exo factory. (When it comes to NS2)

Currently we only have 2 open slots for game servers and cannot offer more then that.

Any questions? Add me on steam or write here.


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