Hosting a Xenoswarm server

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With the coming release of Xenoswarm the first thing you guys will need is to know how to host your own server:

Launching the server
Server.exe -map ns2_xs_mineshaft  -limit 6 -name "My Xenoswarm Server" -mods "9935ea5 7e64c1a 66f9c57 899a629 8a90254 81feb68 8BF28FD"

Map Cycle
  "mods": [ "9935ea5", "7e64c1a", "66f9c57" ],
  "time": 30,
  "mode": "random",

  "maps": [ { "map": "ns2_xs_descent", "mods": [ "899a629" ] },
                { "map": "ns2_xs_mineshaft", "mods": [ "8a90254" ] },
                { "map": "ns2_xs_minegate", "mods": [ "81feb68" ] },
                { "map": "ns2_xs_maze", "mods": [ "8BF28FD" ] }, ] 

Note that the three mods included at the top of the MapCycle are Extra Entities, Xenoswarm itself and Xenoswarm's assets, which we publish in their own mod.
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