Why Do We Even Play NS2?

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There's a lot of complaining about NS2, but I would like to list statements that reflect why I play NS2, and I hope you will do the same. The motivation here is to give some insight on why people play NS2, which will hopefully help define the foundations of the groups and communities people can bring create in order to have more, enjoyable games. I'm going to list some example statements, but feel free to add your own!

Example statements:
* I like playing casually, even though I'm pretty skilled.
* I like playing casually, even though I'm not very skilled.
* I like it when I play with people who are really laid back.
* I like to play with people who are really focused on winning.
* I like to play against difficult opponents, regardless of how well my team performs.
* I like a team who tries really hard, even if they aren't very good.
* I like it when a game is close, even if I lose.
* I like it when my team is really nice.
* I like it when my team has really skilled players.
* I like it when my team wins, even if the game was easy.
* I like helping new players learn the game.
* I like it when my team members know what to do and don't make many mistakes.
* I like it when my team holds out for as long as possible, even if we're going to probably lose.
* I like it when my team considers conceding.
* I like it when I feel that I have improved in the game.
* I like playing with the same people repeatedly.
* I like playing with new people frequently.
* My preferences change based on my mood.

So there you go, use some from the list or make up your own. If I were to list several, mine would be:
* I like it when my team is really nice.
* I like it when a game is close, even if I lose.
* I like to play with people who are really focused on winning.
* I like it when I feel that I have improved in the game.


  • shriikeshriike Join Date: 2013-03-27 Member: 184461Members
    I like the fps/rts style of this game.
  • SjNSjN Join Date: 2003-01-07 Member: 11983Members, Reinforced - Supporter
    i like being pubstomped and getting called a noob.
  • Know painKnow pain Join Date: 2012-09-04 Member: 157674Members
    Because I've had enough of Feed The Beast and at that moment there are too many russians playing on U.S. Dota 2 servers.
  • CrushaKCrushaK Join Date: 2012-11-05 Member: 167195Members, NS2 Playtester
    I like it if the majority of players on both teams are good and the game was close for the majority of its time. A combination that is rarely seen, unfortunately.
  • amoralamoral Join Date: 2013-01-03 Member: 177250Members
    I like jumping around as a skulk, and im an ok shot. also, ruining peoples day is fun. pinching bad higher life forms, holding an an area as gorge.
  • DaphistoDaphisto Hive Janitor Join Date: 2002-11-16 Member: 8917Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    I like the asymmetric gameplay, which isn't found in a lot of other games.
  • 2cough2cough Rocky Mountain High Join Date: 2013-03-14 Member: 183952Members, Reinforced - Shadow, WC 2013 - Supporter
    "I like turtles"

    *insert zombie face kid meme

    jk I love the rts element, skulkin the hell around a map, and breakin the hell outta turtles.
  • 1dominator11dominator1 Join Date: 2010-11-19 Member: 75011Members
    Because we're getting paid I hope.
  • ZaggyZaggy NullPointerException The Netherlands Join Date: 2003-12-10 Member: 24214Forum Moderators, NS2 Playtester, Reinforced - Onos, Subnautica Playtester
    I'd suggest changing the title to "Why do you play NS2?".
    I like NS2 because people working together is awesome and aliens, jetpacks, tunnels, giant mech suits with miniguns.
  • sotanahtsotanaht Join Date: 2013-01-12 Member: 179215Members
    I've honestly just not got anything better to do.
  • _Necro__Necro_ Join Date: 2011-02-15 Member: 81895Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    * I like it when a game is close, even if I lose.
    * I like it when my team is really nice and skilled.
  • MaxAmusMaxAmus UK Join Date: 2003-12-26 Member: 24779Members, Constellation, NS2 Playtester, Reinforced - Shadow
    been playing for 10 years, dont see it stoping.
    Game just get's better and better and just cant stop playin
  • FrozenFrozen New York, NY Join Date: 2010-07-02 Member: 72228Members, Constellation
    edited August 2013
    I just want to kill some fades, really.

    There is nothing more rewarding I've found in any video game, anywhere.

    edit: Which is exactly why I love fading so much, as well
  • NarfwakNarfwak Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 5258Members, Super Administrators, Forum Admins, NS1 Playtester, Playtest Lead, Forum Moderators, Constellation, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue, Reinforced - Supporter, Reinforced - Silver, Reinforced - Gold, Reinforced - Diamond, Reinforced - Shadow, Subnautica PT Lead, NS2 Community Developer
    Because sci-fi games with high RoF guns and no recoil are awesome.
    Because I still remember seeing commander mode for NS1 way back when I was in high school and being all "what the eff this is Half-Life howwww"
    Because squad five.
    Because bellyslide.
    Because Charlie, Cory, Max, Steve, Brian(x2), Hugh, Dushan, Andi, and everyone else are awesome.
    Because I can hovar without flapping over a clorf on summit.
  • Kouji_SanKouji_San Sr. Hινε Uρкεερεг - EUPT Deputy The Netherlands Join Date: 2003-05-13 Member: 16271Members, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue
    ... Belly Slide of course, how is this even a question :>
  • IronHorseIronHorse Developer, QA Manager, Technical Support & contributor Join Date: 2010-05-08 Member: 71669Members, Super Administrators, Forum Admins, Forum Moderators, NS2 Developer, NS2 Playtester, Squad Five Blue, Subnautica Playtester, Subnautica PT Lead, Pistachionauts
    Because its the dream game i'd make, if i had the resources myself.

    Unique, in depth, tactical, artful, suspenseful, encouraging teamwork, and best part to me: inspired and designed around old school PC fps mechanics.. the little things most games that come to the platform forget these days.
  • delta78delta78 Join Date: 2013-01-08 Member: 178131Members
    edited August 2013
    * It reminds me of Aliens. "FACEHUG :3"
    * The feeling, when you are stuck with two other guys in a dark room. "You never know, who might... attack first."
    * A dream game of mine. Always wanted something like AvP but with objectives and strategies. "Pew Pew, FREEDOM TIME!"
    * Using phantom makes me the Predator. "RAAAAAWR"
    * Shooting alien scum / Biting alien butts is magic! :3
  • kalakujakalakuja Join Date: 2012-09-11 Member: 159045Members, NS2 Map Tester, Reinforced - Supporter
  • amoralamoral Join Date: 2013-01-03 Member: 177250Members
    always wanted to try ns1, never got around to it. gorge taunt, the humor of the game. parasite kills. this one moment when I was dueling a shotgunner with medi support as a gorge, spit him in thevicinity of 10 times and got parajacked by a skulk who finally decided to join the fun.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Join Date: 2005-05-15 Member: 51659
    Because it's asymmetrical, sadly very uncommon in multiplayer titles.
  • godriflegodrifle Join Date: 2006-12-01 Member: 58815Members
    Why do we even play NS2? Why even bother? Who, in their right mind, would ever want to play this game?

    Oh btw I love it.
  • Ghosthree3Ghosthree3 Join Date: 2010-02-13 Member: 70557Members, Reinforced - Supporter
    No shitty recoil 2real4me weapons. (I seriously hate this)
    Deeper than standard shoot em up.
    Playing as an alien is kinda cool.
    I get to yell at people and tell them what to do.
    Because expectations.
  • delta78delta78 Join Date: 2013-01-08 Member: 178131Members
    Ghosthree3 wrote: »
    No shitty recoil 2real4me weapons.

    On the same boat as you mate! I've never wanted a gun to shake like crazy only to please the expectations of some gun enthusiasts. Aiming down sights is also a lame mechanic that only slows the gameplay and turns it into a turret game. I'm fortunate that they are not in the game, thank God!
  • gnoarchgnoarch Join Date: 2012-08-29 Member: 156802Members, Reinforced - Gold
    Because it's like the lottery: With lots of luck you can get really great and intense matches you will not have in any other game.
    But that's also the reason why I play it so little, because of the low possibility of good matches I know I have to invest a whole afternoon because otherwise I will be very frustrated.
  • KamamuraKamamura Join Date: 2013-03-06 Member: 183736Members, Reinforced - Gold
    I like balanced games with communicative, motivated players involved.
    I don't mind losing, if I feel that our team put an honest effort.

    I hate people without microphones, who plomp into the command chair, shuffle the buildings around for a while, then type stuff like "OMG u nubs, u suck"

    I used to hate Bezukchov for his medspam that lost us several rounds, but now I know he cannot help it, so he is forgiven :-)
  • xen32xen32 Join Date: 2012-10-18 Member: 162676Members, Reinforced - Supporter
    Because server browser marks servers where I can be the best.
  • TouchitTouchit Join Date: 2013-08-10 Member: 186716Members
    I play because UWE makes the world go round!

    Oh! And the games AWESOME!
  • princessprincess Yaaar! Bristol Join Date: 2004-09-11 Member: 31605Members, NS1 Playtester, Constellation, NS2 Playtester, Subnautica Playtester
    Because in my opinion it's not like any other game. Plus some awesome fellow NS2 playing chums who make every game a laugh :D
  • IronmanIronman Join Date: 2012-03-22 Member: 149184Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    its a unique experience that cant be found anywhere else.

    its evolved the standard capture the flag mechanics that big publshers still use.

    ns is basically ctf on sterioids. each flag has inherit value that is used towards pushing end game. the game also evolves.

    unlike other games that give you everything at once. you have to earn your toys.

    this is partly why people enjoy the long games, because finally all the cool stuff is enabled.

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