New Sentry Turret Types (Gauss, Flamer, ...)

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Mess'n around with the sentry and decided to try it with a gauss/railgun style. Balance was NOT in my mind when I started this. Still working on it. Will be changing the stand for sure. Comments/suggestions?


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    Looks very nice, but its the high poly (for normal maping?)
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    I like your avatar better. Model that.

    Nah, jk, your model looks great. Maybe a control panel/button pad on the back of the gun? I was always really impressed with the detail of the maps and models in NS2.
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    Played around with the model today. Moved camera and switched to a drum mag. Working on the base. Polys a bit high but I'll work that out when I get some free time again.
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    looks good but i think a flamer turret would be mroe useful

    also floamer and gl arms for the exo :)
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    I love it! Any chance we can use this model for a new sentry type in Xenoswarm? There's an entire player class whose job it is to build sentries...
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    Next I'll be working on a flamer turret or a LMG. I wanna run around with some sort of big ass belt-fed gun! I definitely want to mod the exo, but the files haven't been released so I'd have to remodel the whole suit just for new arms since each weapon variant seems to be rendered with the entire suit. I wanted a railgun/minigun setup, but could only get the claw from the claw/minigun variant to act like a rail gun through some messing around in the lua.

    What kind of class? Like the engineer from TF?

    Here's pretty close to finished with the gauss sentry. New heavy base since its a bit bigger then the standard turret. If I end up doing more turrets, I'll probably use this for heavy turrets (like rocket turret), and the original base for light turrets (like a flamer).
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    A quick concept of a flamethrower sentry. Any suggestions? Not a fan of how the nozzle came out
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    looks like a nice start but i would suggest a canister of fuel hanging from the rear perhaps?

    i had a good idea (well i think its good at least) for an ns2 mod that would break the marines down into 3 tech tree choice at the start like with aliens pre 250 patch. Marine, prototype and robotics command centres

    for example the marine cc would get you access to

    cheaper ips
    Heavy MG
    portable medpacks
    small deployable sentries
    the observatory backpack, which is like turning a marine into a mobile obs
    power armor, (like ns1 exo)
    combat knife

    the prototype cc would give you access to

    railgun exos
    flamer exos
    gauss rifles for marines
    grenade launcher with proximity grenades
    cat pack
    gauss turrets
    HE mines (more much damage smaller blast radius only 1 per 15 res)
    trip wires (similar to standard mines but only 2 per 15 res, the trip wire laser invisible in alien vision)
    experimental welders that weld slower but also heal
    switch axe

    the robotics command centre gives you access to

    mobile arc like turrets
    duel minigun exos
    single minigun exos
    flamer sentries
    standard sentries
    spider mines
    combat macs
    cheaper robotics factory
    heavy welders cost more but weld much faster
    tougher extractors
    switch axe

    the marine commander makes a decision at the start to upgrade his cc to 1 of those three but all other ccs they build will be of that type cant mix ccs, so you are limited to the tech tree you choose when you upgrade your first cc.
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    I like the idea of having to pick your way through a single path of a tech tree. Maybe make 3 tiers of tech and can only pick one of a few choices of each tier. I was thinking of a gauss rifle too. It could be either a sniper rifle or heavy weapon. Would be hard to justify the sniper version until a map with a bit more open space came out, but I'd really like to see that happen. For the heavy weapon I was thinking of bringing back the powered armor from NS1, since the exo is more of a mecha, and it seems under armored. The armor would make the marine a lot slower, maybe eliminate sprint all together, but be able to carry heavy weapons like a rocket launcher or gauss rifle. Of course this would require a new alien class and bumping up the stats of the onos.

    Anyway here's the new renders of the flame turret. Feedback greatly appreciated! And if anyone has concepts/ideas for a LMG in NS let me know
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    for the gauss rifle i thoguht of it acting similar to the tau cannon from hl, but if you hold the key to long it will hurt the marine, so you have to fire it. kinda like a mini rail gun

    that flamer turret looks much better with the canisters i think
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    Hey, nice designs. The more dakka the merrier!

    Here are some technical comments:
    1. The igniter part looks very fragile and exposed. Since losing it would render the whole weapon useless, it should be better protected or integrated inside the barrel.
    2. The metal element in the front section of the turret should be longer to protect the entire length of the barrels. Otherwise it serves little purpose.
    3. The uncovered fuel pipes don't make much sense in a device that is meant to withstand enemy fire. The tanks should be connected directly to the turret hull, preferably behind the main body.
    4. Having three tanks seems a bit excessive.
    5. Similarly, one barrel should be enough to do the job.

    Sorry, the technical university made me a damaged man :)
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    Yes indeed, uni destroys the mind of many a young man. *nodding*
    And people, give that man more awesomes!
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    Been working on the UV's for the sentries. Hope to have them in-game before months end! In the mean time, here's a compilation of the vanilla sentry with the flamer and gauss sentries:
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    Will the flame thrower turret explode when its destroyed? :D
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    whatever happened to these?
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    Anti_Boson wrote: »

    I am glad these will see good use.
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    Anti_Boson wrote: »

    But that's... that's from... Oh no!!!
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    Would use this in siegemod.
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