Female gorge

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Dear UWE,

life as a gorge is lonely. Very. :(

Most of the time I end up alone building mighty defences and looking after babblers and all I get for this are egoistic skulks and other creatures who want to be healed or treated and lousy marines who are always trying to destroy my home. But who heals and treats me well? It is not a thankful job. So, to make things better and not so depressing I suggest to introduce a female gorge. It would look like the normal gorge, but with big breasts and much cuter eyes than the normal gorge. She would be controlled by the AI and follow the player controlled gorge everywhere and bellyslide with him. The purpose of the female gorge would be healing and looking after the male gorge and the babblers, also auto heal damaged structures on demand. If the female gorge is killed the gorge is enraged and becomes 35% attack and defence bonuses.

I think this would be a very good addition to the future content update!

Dear players, how would you like to see the female gorge? What features must be included? Lets discuss.

Sorry for my schreckliches english, I am from Germany. Family values are very important to us here.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen



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