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Dear UWE Devs,

we really need a way to promote the game more.
If we could reach all the player who are in NS2(currently playing) with the twitch casts from the community.
People would watch the best game in the world, would link it to their friends and so one. Atm we cant reach the majority of the casual player base.
Because they dont check the forums or other pages. They even ignore the little twitter news.
A big ingame link and promotion would help us a lot to get these players to watch the game/streams.

We already have a ingame news board aswell as a ingame browser in ns2.
Couldnt u just make a newsboard with ns2 twitchchannel, we would add upcoming games and could have a live link into the stream. people could watch theses games ingame.

That would make the promotion for ns2 much easier.
Think about a free2play weekend (10k players) and a ingame view of ns2 streams. we would hit myb 5k viewers .... and so one.
We myb would hit the twitch frontpage again and got free commerical for NS2 with higher selling numbers new casual player or even competetive players joining ns2.

So my question is could you make that happen?
If not ... how much work would it be to get something like this done?

Because i would be rly interested in the Cost–benefit analysis to this topic.


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