Team duplex recruiting for the top EU division

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Duplex have been around since september 2011 and have participated in almost every cup and tournament there ever was in ns2. After NSL Season 1, a bunch of our players decided they wanted to try other teams and we never really recovered from this. So during Season 2, we had very varying lineups while trying to rebuild the team as the season went on. The commander left the ns2 community all together as he got caught up with the law, some of the remaining players got impatient very fast and said yes to offers from other teams. This leaves the current team down to 4 players, with no commander.

We are now looking to recruit a commander and about 4 field players to make sure we have a stable lineup for the cups during the summer and Season 3 at the end of August. Obviously we don't expect you to be around all summer as we know people will go on/off holidays. But we will expect you to be around to play most evenings of the week(Central European Time), when you are not on holidays etc. We don't require that you are from europe if you can perform well with a high ping(one of our players lives in Hong Kong) and that you are able to play at the european times.

This is a last-ditch effort to keep this team and it's long history alive. We're hoping to aquire some fresh blood that are both willing and able to compete against the top teams in europe/the world. Loyalty, activity, skill, gamesense and being able to keep your head calm in hectic situations, is what we are looking for. You like to analyze the games to find out what could have been done better and you don't take your mistakes personal when they are pointed out to you. Everybody makes mistakes and you don't get better if you don't correct them.

Interested? Send me a message on this site, or on (username: swalk) or contact me via steam.

As I am also league admin for the NSL, my steam friends list is always hovering around the maximum 250, so it might be easier to contact me via this site, or the ensl site.


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