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Over at ENSL.org we are proud to present the first Nations Cup! For the first time in NS2 it's time for each nation to gather up their best players to fight for the honor of being the best Nation in NS2! Every player on a nations team must be from that nation, but you can have unlimited amount of backup players from your nation. Each nation can have a maximum of one team participating, so if several teams should pop up from one nation, they will have to battle it out in a Best of 5 before the cup begins to decide which team is participating.

We have already opened the signups and all you have to do is to go to www.ensl.org and create your team and sign up.

To create a team, simply log in and go to "Agenda" -> "Create a new team" -> Fill out the team information -> "Create".

To get your players accepted on your team they will have to apply for it first, apply for the newly created team in "Agenda".

Once your players have applied for your team, accept them by going to "Agenda" -> Press your "team name" -> "Edit" -> "Members" -> Change "Joining" to "Member/Deputee/Leader" -> "Update" - note: only those marked as "Leader" in your team can do this.

When you have your team ready, you are ready to join the contest. To join the contest, go to "Agenda" -> Press your "team name" -> "Edit" -> Contests -> Join "NSL Nations Cup #1 Signups" - note: only those marked as "Leader" in your team can do this.

The signups close at the 20th of May, the first group play part of the cup will be held at the 25th-26th of May and the playoffs will be held at the 1st-2nd of June.

Here is a link to the news post on ENSL.org, where you can also see the currently signed up nations:
Link to Nations Cup news post


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