Next Level Gaming - nL.^ is looking for 1-2 more ACTIVE players

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A little background on the team...we currently have the following going for us:

-We just finished NSL S2: NA Division 3 with an undefeated score of 4-0
-We will more than likely be in NA Division 2 for next season
-We have two 18-slot public servers (one of which is Combat) and a private server
-We have our own website and forums
-We have our own 512 slot TS3 server

We're looking for 1-2 more people that can be available most days in a two hour window somewhere between 6:30 PST - 9:30 PST. We're a mostly west coast team, but we have some people from the east coast on the roster as well. We're only looking for players for the field right now, as our commander is pretty awesome and always available.

If you're interested, swing on over to and check us out, then make a post in


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