Nexzil Core- The Love Story

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Bitey had just gotten finished with a long day at work. He got home and he was hungry. Hungry for someone. Hungry for love.

He checked his friends list. Virsoul: Online. Bitey gave a big fat smirk and messaged Virsoul.

"I'm coming to your place now"

Virsoul was surprised. He hopped out of his chair. He tried to message Bitey back but he didn't respond.

An hour later, Bitey koolaid-manned through Virsoul's apartment door, holding a 12 pack of Red Bull (from Big Lots). Virsoul hopped out of his chair.

Bitey cruisered straight into Virsoul, while simultaneously taking off his stained wife beater and chugging a can of red bull. With one hand, he started to take off Virsoul's tie. With his other hand, he started drinking his second red bull. He was energetic. He was ready to go. Now.

Virsoul jumped out of his chair and brought Bitey to crossroads. The two then jumped around for fifteen minutes before cutting the video feed.


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