Zombie-style infection mod

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Round based, one life per marine play. Lots of marines per start, less aliens. Aliens respawn, marines die and become aliens. Marines have to kill a hive that has reduced hp. Incorporate a few of the combat upgrades for marines armor 1-3, weapons 1-3, shotguns, welders, resupply, and scan with taunt key (2 ugprade point cost) no jetpacks, no exos. All aliens spawn only as skulks with carapace. Can only upgrade silence, celerity, regeneration and leap, no xeno.

The only objective for aliens is to kill all the marines. The marines' only objective is to kill the reduced hp hive. Aliens spawn in elevated positions like rafters without umbra effects, so you can't spawn camp. I think elevated spawns out of marine range would work since in combat, when aliens spawn its hard to kill them and you would lose your only life pretty easily during spawn waves.

edit: YES! lights off except in marine spawn. Just use any regular map, and build power nodes to turn lights on room by room. Very good idea, separates survival mod from combat mod.


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