Default keybinds?

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Is there is a list of default keybinds anywhere? I'm trying to help new players but I have rebinded everything and I don't remember what the default keys are.


  • BaallBaall Join Date: 2003-07-23 Member: 18374Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    Move Forward: W
    Move Left: A
    Move Backward: S
    Move Right: D
    Jump: Space
    Movement Special: LeftShift
    Crouch: LeftControl
    Scoreboard: Tab
    Primary Attack: MouseButton0
    Secondary Attack: MouseButton1
    Reload: R
    Use: E
    Drop Weapon: G
    Buy/Evolve Menu: B
    Show Map: C
    Use Microphone: MouseButton3
    Public Chat: Return
    Team Chat: Y
    Weapon #1: 1
    Weapon #2: 2
    Weapon #3: 3
    Weapon #4: 4
    Weapon #5: 5
    Toggle Console: Grave
    Flashlight: F
    Go to Ready Room: F4
    Voice Overs: X
    Request Healing: Q (Not standard, dont know which is)
    Request Ammo/ Enzyme: Z
    Request Orders: H
    Tount: Q (Not standard, dont know which is)
    Ping Location: MouseButton2
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