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I started this thread for my customizations* (while ago, when there was no workshop) but its way easier for me to add them to workshop, so my work will continue but on a different location:
[URL=""]oma's Workshop URL[/URL]

Comments in this thread will still be read and maybe even easier to suggest different things :)

Thanks for the all support!


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    Hi oma, I like your crosshairs, ty for sharing this.

    edit : Is there any tutorial to make mods like yours ? i would like to have a simple dot (what ever the colors) as a crosshair.
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    Thanks, for the ns1 stuff too!
  • omaoma Join Date: 2003-06-04 Member: 17001Members
    No Problemos guys, I need to remake these crosshairs because Lerk shooting is a bit off when using these xhairs, otherwice these are working pretty nicely.. I might make a dot crosshair also..
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    You should give credit where credit is due dude.
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    Thank you for making these. They looks great.
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    Those are actually really old ones, new and improved versions can be downloaded from workshop or xhair v1-v2 and some screnshots found from
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    Really digging the new alien hud, like the leap markers and the different colors.
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    thanks man, its still experimental, but ill improve later on :)
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    As i was unable to edit the first post i am forced to make another one.

    Here i release the .psd file and .dds file to use with NS2+. For the moment this needs bit tinkering, you must overwrite rantology's version of alien_hud and then choose that one in the ns2+ options.
    oma_alien_hud_furry / oma_alien_hud_nougat

    I'm pretty hopeful that one version will be updated as a native hud for NS2+, will still keep the original oma's classic alien hud as an option.

    Download .7z, it includes 2 demo screenshots, 1 Readme .txt file and .psd for you to edit, modify, share, do what you ever want with it. (no strings attached, from this day on, it is everyone's property)


    Installation guide:
    To Install you must rename the or file to
    Then overwrite the original file at %appdata%\Roaming\Natural Selection 2\Workshop\m334982d2_1523104898\ui\

    Then go play and have fun!

    as a side note why i won't be uploading this to workshop. workshop has one problem it doesn't support priority system so at best it is very fiddly to get ui's to be loaded in correct order to overwrite the server mod (ns2+).
    i will be adding basic ns2 vanilla version soon to workshop but it will not have same advanced features as seen in ns2+ iterations.

    Yours truly
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