Last Stand/Endless Horde Gamemode

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Remember the days when instead of conceding the marine team would recycle all unnecessary assets and do a last stand? Wall off entrances with armories, spawn a few more IPs, drop shotguns and other weapons for the team. All while the Kharaa build up crags and shifts outside their doors. Why not make that into a full game mode.
Personally I have more fun as a marine fending off that final rush then wiping out the aliens. With a few balance tweaks it can become a really enjoyable survival gamemode.

Some idea I had for balance are:

*Increase HP of powernode and IP
*Preset Invincible Gorge tunnels that would allow aliens to infiltrate the marine base
*Preset Invincible clogwalls so marines are forced to stay in their base (or just make the map smaller)
*Marines get small amount of personal res for kills, assists, and repairing structures
*Marines start with technology boost
*Kharaa abilities unlock with time rather than res
*Everytime marines get res it adds to the team res pool, which unlocks weapons and upgrades as it increases
*Exos are not available in the protolab, they are dropped in a predetermined area after team res pool reaches a certain point
*Marines get a limited amount of exos
*Marines armour and health decrease faster in Gorge tunnels and nearly instantly when they exit the tunnel into alien territory. Marines also feel the effects of the gorge tunnel when they are near it to avoid spawn camping.

The point of the gamemode is not winning but seeing how long your team will last. It can also be a great way for new players to learn how to play without fear of persecution from teammates during more competitive games.

What do you think, any ideas/balances to add or critiques?


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