My thoughts about ENSL gathers as an average pub player



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    Go to the ENSL page, click on the link at the top of the page that says NS2 Gather, below the signed up box select, click the join gather button. Wait potentially massive amounts of time. If you get trolled into being captain when you have no idea whats going on, sign on to ENSL Teamspeak and ask somebody who to pick. Once the gather has started, prepare to wait upwards of 20 minutes to get started because people are morons for some reason.

    Not sure why you can't figure out the teamspeak channels, they are pretty clearly listed ENSL gather and located near the top.

    I would add my voice to those who say to give it another shot, there are alot of low level gathers, low level gathers tend to happen more often after the europeans go to bed, so 9EST, 6PST and after. Just tell people you just started gathering and you will probably find them quite helpful.
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    since our official servers are running the wait time for players to join up decreased significantly :)
    i also have to disagree on the ts (you should have seen it before the cleanup xD).
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    Is there a specific time these happen? I've tried a few times now and no one is ever on.
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    As far as I see it both US and EU players join gathers when they want to. The server will be voted on, so the game gets played where the majority of players are. There may be more silent hours but in the evening time for both timezones its fairly populated.
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    I have also tried a few times and haven't had any luck. There are always just 2-3 people sitting there waiting forever. I tried during peak NA gaming hours.
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    First off it's a privilege to play with any clanned member of NS2, so you can start by checking your privilege. You can find ways to start checking this privilege

    Secondly they're mostly organised by stream friends/mumble (VOIP)/some nooblords still use mIRC, so your best bet is to either smoke mad pole during pub games and get added to steam friends or check community/clan websites and idle there. If you want to stand out in pub other ways, download fluro skulk models and setup a pistol macro, you'll quickly be on your way to going 30-5 most games and people will mistake you for being an above average player with skill, combined with pole smoking will definitely see you added into friends/gathers/pugs sooner than later, do not worry about playing aliens comrade, higher alien life forms are not needed where we're going.

    Also glad clan all-in posted that video of a true display of skill, I was in awe at how he could click mouse and not even hold a claw grip let alone his natural palm grip, this definitely answers all doubt about people scripting their pistol shots and I can rest easy knowing it is 100% player controlled skill and not pressing 2-3 keyboard/mouse keys setup to mimic mouse1 to achieve full auto.
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    Xao, do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had enough oxygen at birth?
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    dafuq's going on here?

    to the OP, you're focusing on the wrong aspect of 6v6 gameplay. most people think that having a high k/d ratio means you're good, but in 6v6 that's not always true. you can die a lot, kill very little and still contribute more than those with better k/d ratios.

    the thing is, k/d ratio is something you can always constantly improve on whether you're in a gather or not, but getting your timing right, knowing where to go, what to hit, what to watch out for is what you should be concentrating on learning when you play gathers. obviously there is still a minimum level of skill you should have for getting rid of "obstacles" between you and what you're trying to do, but don't think like a noob. k/d is not everything in this game.

    most kills in competitive play are for tactical reasons anyway. people don't kill you just because they can unless you're setting yourself up to be killed easily by them in the first place.
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    there were tons of gathers yesterday between 18 - 2 CET
    but they usually happen at weekends :)
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    monday was a holiday for many working in the US

    to all: it's better to NOT vote for captain than to vote randomly. gathers work best when teams are somewhat fair.
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    cream wrote: »
    to the OP, you're focusing on the wrong aspect of 6v6 gameplay. most people think that having a high k/d ratio means you're good, but in 6v6 that's not always true. you can die a lot, kill very little and still contribute more than those with better k/d ratios.
    The more important factor is being able to get a high kdr on demand, rather then getting a high kdr in every single match you play. Nobody expects a good kdr if you are perma gorging, but you're not racking up a large kdr as a fade, then you're doing it wrong.

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    Just to spread the knowledge...

    Another pug network in the US is run through reddit. Lots of nice guys in there ready to help less experienced players as well. They will send a group announcement when a pug is starting. If you want to play, just hop in their mumble server. I believe they do around a pug or two a night.

    P.S. Edak (somehow) can still hit things doing that wonky rapid fire technique. No idea how lol.
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    joshhh wrote: »
    P.S. Edak (somehow) can still hit things doing that wonky rapid fire technique. No idea how lol.

    Rarely do I read the forums, but I figured id give a little bit of insight on that.
    Yes, I can click that fast and aim. BUT ONLY to an extent... as in aiming horizontally only pretty much. Now something that stands in one spot or coming straight at me easy as pie. But something that moves up/down close to me.. no way in hell will i ever land those shots.

    But I'll still damn well try :).

    That was from a couple hours ago.
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    I have to set the record straight on this, since its really a murky subject that needs to be fixed. Anyone saying that they can fire the pistol as fast as a script is lying, pure and simple. Using a correctly designed script (my test one is not ideal) and an ingame trick regarding fps, you can effectively fire 10 pistol shots in 10 frames, however fast that is is dependent on your FPS. Heres a sample recording with a script that has 10ms extra delay per shot (plus my fps cap of 60 to make the video). So figure without that cap and the correct script, it would be close to 150ms faster (not exactly sure how much). The only way I could see that being humanly possible is to use multiple inputs for firing, something I dont think you can do in Spark currently (unless your using outside scripts to rebind keys).

    Pistol fire rate needs a cap, this is something that UWE needs to fix with the animation/model at some point. As for ENSL gathers, this really has nothing to do with them, and they are generally a really good way to get into competitive play (if that is what your interested in).
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