Delay on medpack/ammo drops

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Hey guys. Title says it all really but one of the things that I think marines have a bit too easy and edge with is marine commander dropping medpack a during a fight. Really sucks in a 1 on 1 situation where you've chomped the guy 6 times but accurate drops from the commander just prevent the marine in the fight from dying.
If there was a 1-2 second delay on the appearance of the medpack from where it was dropped, I think it would be fairer to all parties involved. A 1 on 1 battle with a marine and a skulk should be a fair fight imo. Having a slight delay would make it easier for a skulk to have a chance. Especially at weps 3, sheesh!
Medpacks would still drop to the location very shortly after clicking the drop point.
Alternative idea, is that the medpack dropped heals the marine the same amount but over 2 seconds. (Medpack drops as a short term heal point for the same amount of health as a normal medpack). I don't like this as much as it forces the marine to stand in the one spot for a couple of secs to heal, but hey, I'm just throwing this out there.
Hope this is helpful and there's not too many spelling mistakes, I wrote this on the phone.


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    I think the problem is a lack of alien damage upgrades. This is only made worse by rines reaching each new level of armor upgrades. By armor three, it takes a frustratingly large number of bites to bring down a rine, and then if the commander is good and nanoshield and meds him, it feels like trying to kill an exo. If Aliens had a damage upgrade tech tree connected to the whip, the med pack spamming wouldn't feel so unforgiving.
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    Med packs already cost 1 TRes. If a commander wants to spam them go ahead and let him waste his TRes if he or she thinks it's worth it.
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    I once dropped around 70 medpacks and my last 2 marines were able to kill 3 skulk and 2 fades or sth like that by just standing tehre =)
    game was already lost though.

    I would also prefer the HoT version. But the duration should stack until the health is full. So 2 medpacks still heal the marine completely over whatever duration.
    Hence comm drops 2 meds and can continue to do whatever.
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    without RFK comms are hardly med or ammo rainning already. no.
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    I did make a suggestion about this on the Google Moderator boards: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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