Looking for a couple to round out our roster

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Horizon is a North American team looking for a couple people to help round out our roster for the ENSL season 1 league. Primarily we're looking for a competent commander, but also a solid marine and alien player.

We're hardcore at heart but unfortunately many of us have obligations not allowing us to practice as much as we want to. We're still going in with the best of intentions, but I just want to let potential recruits know of our more 'casual' stance on practicing.


Be 18+
Have a working mic

Our website is <a href="http://www.clan-horizon.com/forums/" target="_blank">http://www.clan-horizon.com/forums/</a> if you want to check us out. Please PM or reply to this thread if you're interested. You can also add me on Steam, just search "petit fromage."


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