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<div class="IPBDescription">Joining DeSBL</div>Hey Guys,

I thought it would be nice playing Natural Selection in some kind of a LEAGUE and there may be a chance to do so.
i just asked an admin of the DeSBL ( German eSports League), if the game fulfills the standard of this league and it does.
They've got a plenty of Games in it right now for example: Battlefiel3, Americas Army 2 & 3, League of Legends, Starcraft ... and I think NS 2 perfectly fits as well.
Of course it says German eSports League, but any international clan could join, because I told the admin, that the community is small compared to other games ( so it has to be international).
This might be a huge chance to entrench NS 2 as an eSports game and i think NS 2 will become more popular.
Now here is the deal, i will talk with the Admins at the weekend, but i need you guys to confirm, if your clan would join such a league, because they have to know how many clans will join and if its worth to add this game. Furthermore it needs some Admin who think about rules and supporting the game during the whole time. So if u want to become some kind of a leader in this section, please tell me because it will need some Admins.
So go on and write your thoughts about my idea.



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    Someone explain like I'm five as to what the point is?
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    The point is, that I thought it would be cool if NS2 joins such a league, to play it constantly over a certain time and not only wait until the next big tournament is.
    Well, compare it to any big football league - the system is the same.
    <u>And thats why I wanted to know, if there are clans/players out there who would join it (so we would need at least 8 clans at the beginning to make such a league)</u>
    As i said its just an idea to improve the competitive play of NS2.
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    If you set it up, UWE and the community will help.
    And this subforum is regularly visited by the compeating clans, casters regular viewers.
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    one point im worrying about is, whats happening with the ESL and the ENSL ...

    first of all, the ESL, the i guess still biggest esportsleague in the world, got a NS2 section allrdy, it just needs someone, that breathe life into it ...
    second, the ENSL is the league, that will attract some of the oldschool gamers ... of course it's kinda small, underground like, with no prizes and stuff, but it still got a good name in the NS1 community (i think) and can be a part ...

    so my question is, why should we use a smaller platform, than the ESL, if we can try to run a league there ... they got the biggest community around and some infrastructure, that will help NS in general ... it would be a great step in direction to some serious eSport too, if you consider, that every big player (games i mean) in the business is played there and the tournaments are the ones that matter

    just my (first) two cents in the comp part of the forum ;)
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    Your'e absolutely right (I prefer the ESL as well), I just wasnt sure about how far NS 2 has come in the ESL and thats why I wanted to know if there is a need of another league and it seems that there is no need for it. Well, maybe the ENSL is coming back for NS 2... that would be nice I guess.
    Let's see how NS 2 will grow after the release, maybe there is a need for another league then ( for beginner clans or something like that?).
    I will talk to the admins then and tell them that there is no need for such a league now.
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    Me and nadyli are planning on starting ENSL NS2 Season 1.
    You will hear more news around release on, and it will probably start 2-3 weeks after that to allow new teams to form.
    At the moment we are trying to build a stable admin/referee team.
    Feel free to contact me or nadyli if you're interested in helping out.
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    but again the question, wouldn't it be better to do the effort on a bigger project, than on a small "only NS2" - project?

    i mean, i can see, that it's somehow "wanting to much" or "try to reach the stars" and maybe it's too early for a try at the ESL, but i realy think, if we want the game to become big, we need to start, where the masses are and the big tourneys happen ...
    ENSL was in some kind an alternative, cause NS1 didn't make it to an AAA title at the ESL ...

    it maybe looks like im a hard ESL fanboy, but i just want to point out the positive aspects of the ESL and i would ask you to consider those things.
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    Protip, koewi: It's possible to have more than one NS2 league at the same time.
  • koewikoewi Join Date: 2007-08-25 Member: 61984Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    but i also know, that there are many people, that just have the time to play in one league and i don't know if it's the best to split the playerbase.
    I expect, that many of the oldschoolers will go back to the ENSL, cause of the good old times, they had there ...

    but i realy want to see the game getting the success it deserved and i think a successful ESL ladder can be a great step forward ...
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    I agree with Fana here. It should be possible to have two leagues.
    I think ESL might be too big right off the bat from release. But that's just my expectations of how many new teams will pop out.
    It might be good to try a smaller scale first and then jump on the ESL wagon too later on if the game succeeds in getting big.
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    TF2 has many leagues, esl, etf2l etc. The main league for new players and older players is etf2l, this is alot like ensl in the sense it has a great community, new players can find teams easily. Many other leagues offer prizes but the ultimate prize is winning etf2l, this was the same in ns1 with ensl. We need to build the player base up and ensl is the perfect starting place. It might bring back alot of the old school players since they will know where to go and new players will find it easy to get to know people, join gathers etc.

    ESL is good for real competitive play, but for enjoyment which many people want, a league like ensl will be great
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