Recycling: Bind That Recycle Key!

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<div class="IPBDescription">Its good for the environment</div> <b>RECYCLING: Bind that recycle key!</b>

You can tell a good commander from a bad commander because a good commander knows what is happening all over the map. He's informed by his marines and he informs the marines under his command.

Lots of players think, 'Yeah, recycling, its a complete waste of time, you don't get much for it.' Think, would you rather that your structures ended up in some Kharaa's stomach or would you instead have some resource points? Not really a difficult question to answer.

Although many commanders may think that if they keep the enemy busy by letting them chew on the structures it might buy them more time, the resources could be used to purchase and prepare a team of HA guys with HMG.

Also, if you see that one of your turret factories has developed a peculiar blindspot, and hear munching sounds, you may aswell press the recycle key on that turret factory unless you can get a marine there fast enough. If the turret factory is down, you may as well recycle all the turrets and seiges within its range, unless you're confident you can set up another tf, based on past experiences; its highly unlikely.

You don't have to recycle immediately when your structures are attacked, if you really want to buy time by keeping the enemy occupied, you can recycle just before the damage bar reaches zero. That way, you annoy the Kharaa by taking away the satisfaction of their eating your stuff. Theres been many times when I'm about to completely destroy a marine resource tower, and .. then it disappeared.

Recycling is good for the environment, bind your recycle key!


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