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<div class="IPBDescription">problems</div>I ran into an issue a while back when I updated my DDS plugin from nvidia. The dds files started opening up in PS looking extremely bright and saving even brighter. They are only opening/saving that way with the PS plugin, they look fine in a dds viewer I have. Does anyone have a older PS DDS plugin they could send me? I'll just have to get another program to handle the dds side of things as a work around otherwise.

Just came back to NS2 this week it looks and plays pretty amazing. I was really impressed when I opened the game up and saw all these great new features! Good job NS2 team, really awesome stuff.


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    I just got the Nvidia DDS plugin on April 15 and it works fine for me with Photoshop CS5. It is x64 version 8.52.0208.1800 from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    If that one doesn't work for you then maybe it's your version of Photoshop?
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    Yeah could potentially be that, using cs3. Bleh upgrading haha, might have to.
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    You can use builder to covert .psd to .dds if the plugin isn't working for you.
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