Automatic Doors and fast aliens

ImbalanxdImbalanxd Join Date: 2011-06-15 Member: 104581Members
I think it would be nice if lerks and skulks could open automatic doors using spikes/parasites. Its a bit annoying building up speed them being stopped in your tracks because doors don't open fast enough.


  • BicsumBicsum Join Date: 2012-02-27 Member: 147596Members, Reinforced - Gold
    I like the idea. +1
    It would increase the "easy to learn - hard to master" -factor of alien movement.
    You could also confuse/scare marines by messing with the door from range.

    Maybe the fade will get a ranged ability soon too, like laserbeams shooting from his eyes, who knows.
  • FlounderFlounder Join Date: 2004-09-12 Member: 31656Members
    Doors were removed from nearly all NS1 maps for good reason.

    That said, there should be an entity put in the engine at some point to allow for you to press/attack a button next to a door in order to open it (similar to the buttons at marine start in ns_origin and ns_hera).
  • _Necro__Necro_ Join Date: 2011-02-15 Member: 81895Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    And what reason was this? This is not NS1. We could come up with something that works better.

    I think for example, that jamable doors could be a counterpart for the aliens to weldable vents.

    This way, the map control meta game could get a whole new level.
    Sure, the aliens should be able to bite the vents open again and the marines should be able to weld jammed doors. Because the area denial effect should not be permanent. And the mappers should use such things sparse, so there is always a longer way to get to every position on the map.
  • ImbalanxdImbalanxd Join Date: 2011-06-15 Member: 104581Members
    Jamming a door open is more of a disadvantage to aliens though, as marines are primarily ranged and benefit from the increases line of sight.
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    edited March 2012
    Sorry, I wasn't clear on that. And also a little off topic.
    If an alien jams a door, it is sure meant to be closed not open. Because aliens can use vents, marines mostly not.
    But btw. the onos should be able to open jammed doors, for obvious reason.
  • FlounderFlounder Join Date: 2004-09-12 Member: 31656Members
    The doors were removed because they would cause massive stalemates if marines held up in a room only accessible by doors. The delay in openning doors significantly reduced alien movement and would get your fade/onos killed in a frustrating way.

    Doors can also get bugged out, lag servers, get spammed by obnoxious players, get exploited by marines trying to get a cheap kill on an onos. Really, they're not necessary in the game, and when they were removed from ns_eclipse, everyone said it was for the best.
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    You can just do a 360 as a lerk to maintain speed when passing through a door.

    <a href="" target="_blank">vid</a>
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