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    QUOTE (Ejquinn @ Feb 29 2012, 01:49 PM) »
    Fades have been nerfed so hard you only need a couple marines to take on a decent one, shotguns can wreck them. Also, one whip and a couple hydras can not stand up against a concentrated marine push. Of course, I am curious how you would have that fade attacking while your 2nd hive is going up. Fades are not overpowered, people say that because they try to fight them one on one, you are not skilled because you know how to kill a marine player, you are expected to. Marines need to be organized. If I am comm and I have a marine team who is moving on my orders and are decent shots, you would be on the run as fade and only a minor nuisance.

    hasn't happened to me. or any other of the decent fades i've seen. the tactics i use. are like light cavery. i don't stay. i hit and i run. with the current cool down, i leave as fast as i come.

    without your arc, your gonna have a hard time breaking the tenable areas with 1 whip and 3-5 hydras and and 1-2 gorges. you can bring your whole team with grenades/shotguns etc. unless you have flamethrowers you ain't gonna get past that part.

    and i'm Bear. i comm alot on marines. how well your group rush is dependant on the alien's player. 2 gorges wtih 1 lerk + 1 skulk and that choke poitn full of hydras and 1 whip is hold you with ease. you can do the common tactic of setting up phase gate at the closiest powered area to the 2nd hive and you won't break through unless the aliens suffer from the same marine counter part issue of "decent aim" problem.

    just as you claim to see this tactic work all the time.

    i claim to see the aliens take out the marine base because nothing is guarding it and they left on a journey of hive rush.

    as the counter strike saying goes, individual success is team success, team success is individual success.
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    I've had some success using an Armory, 2nd IP, Robo, Forward sentry build. If you drop a sentry at a forward tech node, a single marine can generally fend of 2-3 skulks alone. However, I will agree that ARCs, unless in a 10+ mass, are pretty ineffective. They usually require quite a bit of babysitting by marines plus a large degree of comm scanning micro (i.e. one scan will reveal the enemy structures only long enough for one ARC shot).
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    ARCs are awesome
    but they need a big blinking sign that says "Guard me i am fragile"
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