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Hey I'm trying to use Decoda to deal with some LUA that is loaded by my C++ exe. The problem is when I run the exe, the files displayed are all titled @Untitled#.lua (ex: @Untitled1.lua @Untitled8.lua etc) instead of the real file names, and are not associated properly with the actual .lua files. So I can't edit the files and can't set breakpoints before the object is loaded.

Adding the real file to the project doesn't seem to do anything, and a quick search of these forums turned up nothing but frustration.

Any idea what's going on here? Thanks in advance.


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    Are... these forums in any way active any more?
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    I've asked myself this very question time and again :-).

    Although the FAQ says "We're committed to making Decoda the best tool possible and we have a long list of features and other enhancements we're planning. We'd be happy to hear your ideas for how we can improve Decoda.", I feel that Decoda is a background task that doesn't get the amount of support it deserves. This is of course not a criticism since there are certainly good reasons for this, I just wish that it were otherwise. But the fact is that reactions to user posts from the Decoda developers is scarce, even if a bit of fishing shows that they indeed lurk here from time to time.

    I certainly don't know exactly the amount of cash Unknown Worlds is getting from selling Decoda, but methinks they would get more benefits from releasing the source so that the community can improve on it. This would improve the quality/stability/usability/feature set of this tool, and Unknown Worlds would benefit from these improvements with increased productivity, which would probably gain them much more than the raw cash income from their Decoda sales. But since productivity improvements don't show on the accountings as a shiny positive income line, go make an accountant believe that... Also, I might be wrong, and maybe they sell so much licenses that they don't want to release the source. This is a perfectly reasonable point of view, but then if this is actually the case, I am at a loss to explain that low a level of support. One release per year with minor fixes and new bugs thrown in for good measure is measly to say the least. And many users multiplied by many issues is equal to a lot of potential for resentment.

    I believe that getting a few people to give their time to improve Decoda instead of a few kudos in exchange for the community to have the right to use it freely would be far more beneficial to everybody, them included.

    But then, maybe they can't even do this after they sold the techno to Havok...
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