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<div class="IPBDescription">Just +1 and add or subtract from idea</div>In order to make Tech points important for marines and not sway the balance of the game to much I propose this please leave constructive criticism on what you think.

Step 1 remove the advanced armory or give it a different purpose
(only regular armorys are required for this idea)

Step 2 Limit the amount of weapons that marines are able to purchase from the armory to 3 per Tech point
(for example:(Using Map Summit) Commander Upgrades Shotguns and GL's, If marines only have MS Tech point then 3 players on the team can use a combo of SG's and Gls. If marines Take Heli 3 more marines can get weapons.

Step 3 Limit the amount of armor the marines can buy to 3 per Tech point.
(Same gist as the weapons but with Exo and JP's)

Step 4 Make weapons and armor cost team res instead of the current system
If the commander wants to drop more weapons or armor at any time in order to do a timing push and the marines only have 1 Tech point, he can do that. (even though the marines have 1 TP and can have a max of 3 weps from the armory) The commander has the right to drop more weps for the team in order to push to another TP or to a hive whatever he feels in correct. Only the armory is limited to selling 3 weps or armors per TP.

Please leave me your thoughts but i believe this idea will also make it so marines will want to stick together and push towards the next TP so they can all buy weapons, or pick up the SG that their buddy just dropped.. It also in my opinion is pretty balanced, and does not derail the current system or act like a mirror of the way the aliens tech.

P.S. Please leave constructive criticism only. If you think this is a bad idea just describe why and if you think it will work +1.
Also i know there is another thread for tech points out there but it seems to have R.I.P so i started a new 1



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    I'm personally not a fan of this idea for a number of reasons.

    1. It seems overly complex and it would not be intuitive to new players. I can see new players being frustrated when they continually try to drop much needed equipment and keep getting blocked.

    2. This is a limiting mechanism which usually adds negative feedback to the players experience instead of positive feedback. I would rather see the tech points used to give players new additional things so it feels like a bonus instead of just removing a unneeded hindrance.
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    1. I do not agree with you as i do not see it as a limiting mechanism. The aliens are unable to get all their upgrades with a second hive right (thats a limiting mechanism). The commander can still drop more weps for people that are on the field so you are not limited as a team to 3 weps per tech point. The only difference is once 3 weps r purchased from the armory the items go black as if they were not upgraded or a different out of stock color. In NS1 marines did not have the option to buy their own it was all from the commander.

    2. Adding items or upgrades per tech point would be making the marines and aliens play pretty much the same way and that is something i am against In my Opinion. They play fine they way they are now.
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    I understand where you're coming from. However, I would like to add:

    1. This isn't NS1 and it will never be NS1. I'm personally happy about that because as much fun as NS1 was, it had a number of limitations. And yes, it is a limiting mechanism because you're limiting the amount of equipment players can buy by some sort of outside mechanism, in this case tech points. And yes, the hive setup is a limiting mechanism too, which I'm actually not a fan of. I think expanding should be encouraged in more creative and rewarding ways. In other RTS games, you risk expanding at the cost of an army, but the long term resource advantage pays off if you can stay alive. Or like in Dawn of War II and Company of Heroes , you expand out and you get locations on the map which give you tactical advantages, like towers to garrison units in. It gives you new rewards and bonuses to aid you in battle.

    2. I didn't say I wanted tech updates like the aliens. I actually wish neither race tech was limited by map control. Instead, I would personally favor small passive upgrades which are unique for each race. Get one hive and you get a small increase in resource collection rate. You get another hive, you get a buff to health regen while on infestation. You get another hive and you get an improve hive sight which allows you to get an approximation of current marine health when they're on infestation. Marines get a tech point, and all there buildings get a small health and armor regen buff because of improved nanite output. Things like that which constantly change the battlefield and make it rewarding to capture territory, but it doesn't hinder or define the way players choose to play. Studies have shown, the more freedom of choice people/players have the better outlook people have when making the decision and dealing with the affects it had; The funny thing is this is true even if being restricted to the one option would of been better for them. People like feeling like they're in control of their life/the game even if it is an illusion. Why do you think we use jail as the main method to deal with criminals; there is nothing worse then having your freedom to control your life taken away from you.
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