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<div class="IPBDescription">sneak attack insta-kills</div><!--sizeo:4--><span style="font-size:14pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->hello everybody let me start off by apologizing if this topic has ever come up, i tried a search for it but i could not find anything about it.
<!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->Moving on, imo i think the devs should add in a special attack for each weapon i.e. shotgun, axe, pistol etc. and each lifeform i.e. skulk, lerk, fade etc. where if you can sneak up behind a player you can achieve an insta-kill animation/assassination attempt on a player. you can even make it to be an attack masher attack, by that i mean, both players have to click mouse repeatedly in order to achieve success or lose attempt if other player is faster at mouse click. that may be worded strangely but i hope everyone knows what i am trying to say. It could even go as far as being an upgrade for each player idk. Anyway i would very much like to see this in the game, i think it would add a stealth-style of gameply into the game. As of right now i do not have this game so i have no idea what playing it is like but it looks absolutely amazing. But i do not know how this would affect current gameplay and i would like to hear from the community on this matter and let me know what you all think. Feel free to agree or disagree :)<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->


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    I personally don't like this idea for several reasons. For one, in-game assassinations and button mashing sequences have already been done by the big franchises and is no longer innovative. Innovation is extremely important, when creating a game or writing a novel or creating a piece of art in general, you should always aim to deviate from the path and explore things that haven't been done yet, or at least try a different approach to already existing things. Randomly Implementing assassinations simply to create stealthy game play is a rather lazy and cheap thing to do. If a game is to be based around stealth, then you would generally need to explore alot more imaginative aspects, such as the game's environment or how the player would move around said environment. Assassinations also wouldn't really fit very well into the game, it wouldn't feel right overall. Don't get me wrong, I like being able to get the drop on a player who is not paying attention with a cool assassination, and then rubbing salt into the wound with a further tea-bagging >:D. It's just that assassinations and in-game sequences don't have a place within this game and would feel like a cheap attempt of gaining a slightly wider audience. It's good that you propose the idea however, it's important that we discuses these things and share our own opinions. (and I don't mean saying "Nice Idea" or "This Idea Sucks" and not actually giving a reason ¬_¬)
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    Actually to be completely honest, i totally agree with you. Thats kind of the reason i started this thread was because i havent been able to play it yet and when you mention the fact that it doesnt fit into this type of game it makes sense. Anyway i appreciate the feedback, although it would be awesome to have assassinations i suppose its just one more thing that isnt really that important.

    thanks mate!!
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    I wish people who haven't played the game wouldn't make suggestions on game play, it's like a virgin trying to tell a 50 year old how to ###### especially when the suggestion is to add in a feature from another game like Halo reach, assassins creed online ect ect ect. people already die fast enough.
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    Ehh this is an okay idea, not really needed though.
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    The idea didn't work well in AVP 2010, I don't see it working well here either. With a three bite kill there's a fair advantage to getting the first strike in as you may well inflict 2 hits before your enemy can react properly, but assasinations, much less animations with assassinations causes all sorts of problems. For one, you end up with people just mashing the "instant death" key while trying to get behind the other player, even regular fights can become instant death mash fests. Second, if you have animations you end up with conga lines where one person is busy gorily killing someone while another is waiting right behind waiting for his kill animation to finish to gorily kill him, and so on and so on.

    In the end, instant death melee weapons are made for games where the predominate method of killing one another is ranged weaponry, there has to be some kind of reward to getting a knife out and sticking someone, if it just did normal damage it would be almost worthless. In NS2 tons of gameplay for the aliens take place at point blank range, and while I admit, I've never been killed by a hatchet, I don't see that changing even with some kind of kill animation and instant death from behind, you just rarely get ambushed by a marine at melee range.
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    i see your point, well i certainly agree with this being not a good idea especially when you mention the conga line, which i most certainly have seen in AVP 2010 and i hated it, i liked sneaking up on some1 but then when you realize someone is right behind you waiting it got to be very annoying.

    o on a side note, i know i havent played this game yet but that doesnt mean that i still cant make mention on an idea here or there i just wish som1 had an extra copy i could use or something cuz even the beta looks tremendously fun!

    thx for the input azimaith
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    Death comes quickly in this game as it is, sneaking up on a marine (lag forgiving) <b>will</b> kill him unless he is lucky and you not so much.

    As marine, if you sneak up on an alien unloading a clip of pistol (which can happen very quickly) into their rear is most likely going to kill them/leave them badly crippled.
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