Bug: Function List Incomplete

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I've noticed quite a few times when searching for a function using the Project Explorer that some of the functions do not exist in their respective lists, although you can still open up the containing Lua file and manually find these functions.

For example, if you open up Player_Server.lua you will find a function AwardResForKill(), but searching for this function in the Project Explorer will yield no result. If you jump to Player.lua in the Project Explorer, there are no functions beneath it at all, yet there are clearly functions written in Player.lua

The culprit in both cases appears to be a commented quotation symbol (").

In Player.lua, line 69:
Player.kViewOffsetHeight = Player.kYExtents * 2 - .28 // Eyes a bit below the top of the head. NS1 marine was 64" tall.

Removing the quotation symbol in this line and saving the file will cause Decoda to refresh, and... voila, the Project Explorer now correctly lists the functions within the file.

In Player_Server.lua, line 80:
// Strip out surrounding "s

Removing the quotation symbol will reveal the remaining functions that were previously hidden to the Project Explorer.

It looks like whatever programming is called to generate the function list is getting caught up on the " that is never closed.
This is the kind of thing that goes on behind close doors on normal game releases, where they are optimizing it right up until the end. You guys are just getting to play with a version of the game that normally only the developers see.




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    Thanks for pinpointing the cause of this bug.
    Max McGuire
    Technical Director, Unknown Worlds Entertainment
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    I've not stumbled onto that one, but I've had several other similar issues where Decoda parses text ignoring the fact that it is inside comments.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next release :-).
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