The Grenade Launcher's Role



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    And would make GLs incredibly overpowered, I don't know why people keep suggesting that.
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    <!--quoteo(post=1856424:date=Jun 26 2011, 03:56 AM:name=Chris0132)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Chris0132 @ Jun 26 2011, 03:56 AM) <a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=1856424"><{POST_SNAPBACK}></a></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->And would make GLs incredibly overpowered, I don't know why people keep suggesting that.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

    Meh, they already explode on impact with an alien I don't see why not, plus you're paying 30 i-res for one and if fade is already on the field you need something to take larger chunks out of it because bullets are ineffective against them and you usually wind up -30 res.

    Anyways I just want to say that the grenade launcher shooting out of the barrel needs to be fixed. Is it supposed to be firing out of the barrel? It loads in the side and there's no real reason it should be. Also, <b>it fires way right of the crosshair</b> - you'd expect the opposite to be true considering it's mounted off the left side of the gun (well actually it fires out of the barrel so it should be centered then?)
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    We had contact grenades earlier in the beta and they were way too powerful.
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    The core issue here is the grenade launcher's role? Or is it marines vs structures?

    Maybe its time to think outside the box on this one, this is a sci-fi game.

    Mabye it can shoot something.. more interesting.. heck dosn't even have to shoot anything at all.

    Maybe the rifle needs alternative attachments?

    Here are a few things the grenade launcher should avoid.(i think)
    -1 hit kills on aliens(right away at least given armor upgrades & damage upgrades)
    -Awkard floating grenades (already weird being side mounted)
    -Low skill cap & too easy to use.

    Good things for grenade launcher (perhaps);
    -Large splash radius - good for killing structures - bad if it blows up near you. less damage further away from blast. (very little alien damage especially if the have armor)
    -Predictable & Reliable accuracy. (these grenade bounces blow my mind)

    My bias opinions:
    - I hate the idea of bouncing grenades, it just looks silly. (i'm sad that gorges wouldn't be able eat them though :( )
    - I don't think the grenade launcher should function like our typical view of them

    A proposed new grenade launcher:

    -The feel of the marine weapons is compact, high tech delicate workings inside with a bulky frame. The grenade launcher as it is does not fit this feel, other than it is really smart and knows how many grenades you are carrying on you LOL.

    -What would you guys think of a grenade launcher that was more delicate and hi-tech?
    A grenade launcher that required a marine to target and hold target for a short while to lock on before it was able to fire.

    This round would not be a <b>"softball toss"</b> like it is now but a smarter grenade that moved more streamlined at a target and could adjust course ***slightly*** to hit it. I'm talking mabye 20 degrees of course adjustment in any direction not some 180 spinning around grenade that homes in on a target.

    The speed of this smart grenade would travel such that a alien could have time to react if it was targeted, if you have played tf2 i would point to the speed of the flare gun, maybe slightly slower.

    +Final words
    -Alien players will feel less angry if they die to random grenade to the head.
    -There are problems with this new grenade for targets that are closer and right around a corner, but you will have to suck it up and take some damage to get your round off sometimes.
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    the grenade launcher seems more like an area denial weapon to me.
    you can gain terrain (by killing structures), shoot in vents, around the corner etc. forcing the aliens to
    retreat or attack (= leave their positions).

    opposed to the flamethrower, which denies area only in melee range around a marine / squad dealing
    damage over time, the grenade launcher has high(er) impact damage, lower damage per second, and it is
    ranged only (its not very smart to shoot on the ground next to you).

    so, i would say the grenade launchers features are:

    - deals support damage (like the flamethrower) with a little bit higher damage to structures than to life-forms
    - counters umbra (umbra doesnt effect its damage)
    - doesn't one-shot any life-form (maybe only direct hits on a skulk)
    - has quite high explosion radius, similar to arc
    - is easily dodge-able by aliens, so the main purpose is to force aliens to move out of their
    - its an offensive area denial weapon, instead of defensive (flamethrower)
    - is an alternative to the ARC cannon, but instead of being a weak (defenseless) independant unit, it cripples the marine
    carrying it (you lose your knockback ability!)
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    Yeah the GL is a bit useless right now, I think it needs to explode on contact with aliens (?) and just be nicer to use.
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    The grenadelauncher definitely needs an overhaul - not only seen from the gaming perspective.

    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    ....just sayin

    found this later on :
    <img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" />
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    I bareley ever buy the grenade launcher, its just not worth the cost. It can compete with shotgun on what it's worth but it costs twice as much, thats an easy choise for me :-)
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    I would prefer to reduce the cost of the GL. Give it away for 10 p-res and it would be fine.
    (less then the shotgun, because the shotgun is much stronger - and hey. its only an attachment)

    But at the moment i have to choose between a GL or a Flamer.... and the Flamer is the better choise. Heck, even an ARC is cheaper then the GL and way more effective.
    I'd rather jump into the comchair and buy an ARC for the commander, then buying a GL.
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    Someone has to have already suggested this but...Give the GL a faster travel arc, and a 'bounce timer' like in the BF games (forgot what they actually called it).

    Basically after firing it, the grenade has a timer lasting a second or so. After the timer expires, the grenade detonates on impact, ..but before the timer expires, the grenade will bounce on contact. So if there is a skulk right in front of you and you shoot the floor near it, the grenade will bounce away (since the timer hasn't expired yet) leaving the skulk unharmed. However if the skulk is at a distance, by the time the grenade lands the timer will have expired and the grenade will explode on contact. Makes the GL seem less cheap and lame at close range.
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