cheer up, devs

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<div class="IPBDescription">b155 was pretty good :3</div>from july 26 (release day) to patch 155, i logged a total of 8 hours in game. after patch 155, i'm up to 32 hours total.

things can't be that bad :3

*edit* actually now that i think of it, i don't think it's even possible that i played that much. maybe it counts stats for my ghost entities on servers? cause in retrospect i've only played like 12 hours between thursday night and now.


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    Or maybe your launchpad was open - it minimizes to tray.

    Yesterday i was at 24h, today almost 40 and increasing... until i recognized the lunchpad icon (played around with the viewer and found a new object, the weapons module got a model now... :O What does ist mean? Double rainbow?)

    But still, already played around 4-5h with 155.
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    im wondering why they need cheering up the have released a very successful beta, sure servers a problem but thats Mondays patch (hopefully dont jinx it now).

    To be honost i would be really happy with what they have achieved and i hope it worked and i hope there getting more sales

    is that better paisand?

    im currently on 16 hours played (no tools) but i think 6 was before the patch so i have racked up about 10 atm
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    PUNCTUATION!!! Please. It's hard to read.

    For me it says that I played 13 hours. And yes, I had played that much and used the tools as well (more play than tools).
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