Just bought standard edition ns2.. wtf can i do with it?

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Hi all, bit confused ay, just spent money on ns2 standard edition because the special addition is no longer available... i tried load ns2 and it doesnt work.. ive just realised that STANDARD edition is ######all.. you get to play with tools.. thats about it. I should of done my research, ive noticed it says Pre-release access when available (date TBD)... anyone know the date it will be released?


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    to answer the topic question - nothing, but play with the tools. to answer your second question; no, there is no known beta release date as of yet.
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    Hi, First off welcome to the forums and the NS community :D
    And I am sure UWE appreciate the fact that you have helped support the game.
    Once the Alpha phase is complete and they are ready to run an beta phase it will let you onto servers in the mean time if you are inclined for that sort of thing you could cook up a mega map for when the game does get a public release :D
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    Also, this is the NS1 forums. Better visibility in the NS2 forums.

    But yeah, you can mess with the tools, but you can't play inside the game itself until the TBD Beta phase.
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    I'd like to open the viewer now and then, envision the awesomeness of all the elements combined in-game :P
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