Decode debug not working on Win7

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We have been using the demo version of decoda to test our apps lua support.
Using winXp it all worked great, simply entered the exe filename in the prefs and the directory, and it all debugged fine.
After updating to win7 the exact same setting and app no longer debugs, Decoda simply does not attach, when I press F5 in Decoda, Decoda starts the app, shows no warnings or errors, and that is it, no breakpoints work, nothing, any ideas what can be wrong ?

I there anyone that has written a windows app in C using MSVC 2008, containing LUA 5.2 support that can debug with decoda on win7 32bit ?

It would be perfect if there was a simple consol app that shows it working.

We found that Decoda is the best IDE for lua compared to many others we tried, so we really want this to work, so we can recommend Decoda to all our customers.

Gizmolabs Inc


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