I want my beta back ribs

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<div class="IPBDescription">The first beta realese</div>Is there a set time table or work progress of the alpha b4 it turns to beta? or is it totally undetermined?

some of us paid for the standard edition over a year ago, it would be nice to have some sort of idea.

the suspense is killing me


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    There has never been an official word on when they want to reach Beta. Nor do I think they should as it will rise expectations that might not be fulfilled.

    I think the general estimate is Beta by Spring 2011. And Release maybe on Halloween 2011 for the Anniversary. I'd like to say these are the latest dates we can expect, but who knows? To have a polished product for release, I think the game would certainly benefit from another year of development; especially considering they are having to pound out engine-level bugs.
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    The best sources of development progress are the Progress page and Tweeter. Other than those, the Alpha did not even receive its third patch yet, so I doubt Beta would be any time soon.

    I'm sure UWE guys are doing their best right now. Enjoy NS1 til' then :D
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    Fall 2009.

    Sorry, it had to be said.

    How about throwing people a bone and doing the Fade reveal sometime before the next patch comes out? Or how about revealing the plush Gorges you should be working on?

    Please UW, I want to believe in you. I didn't just buy a game, I made an investment. An investment in an independent, small, game firm. I did this because I hate the results of buying from big game companies (most recently Left 4 Dead with almost 0 content support followed up by Full Blown Retail Price Sequel L4D2 364 days later).

    Give us something real. Even if it's just some Fade ragdoll. Anything real. Anything.
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    They have given something.. just nothing to the people who pre-ordered the normal edition.

    Though im not asking for it to come out within the next couple of months.. but it would be nice to have some idea.

    like the beta does not need to be the full game ether.. just needs to be playable.

    by Xmas would be a nice thought.. nice little Christmas gift to the rest of the people that invested into UNW.

    you all think its a good idea to have a game in testing for over a year, maybe 2? it would be piratically be out dated by the time of the full release.

    Im confident that they will release the beta in the next upcoming months to reward the investors... i hope
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    Current estimated release stands at Fall 2009. We do not need more of these threads. It will be done when it is done.

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