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<div class="IPBDescription">Commander, Marine, and Map Strategies</div> <b>Marine Guide</b> <!--emo&::asrifle::--><img src='http://www.unknownworlds.com/forums/html/emoticons/asrifle.gif' border='0' valign='absmiddle' alt='asrifle.gif'><!--endemo-->

<b>1.</b> Follow Orders

When a Commander gives you a direct order, always follow it. He gave you an order because he wants to accomplish something that will lead the team to victory.

<b>2.</b> Know Your Map

Commander should always give out Waypoints, but that is never not enough. As a Marine, you should know the whole map by heart, especially the vents where Skulks and Lerks love to hide in. I've seen Marine Teams lose because they didn't know the map at all whatsoever.

<b>3.</b> Don't Ask

Never ever ask your Commander for anything. He will give something when he believes that it is necessary. However, suggestions are valid. If you are requesting for a Welder to Weld some vents, or an Observatory and Phase Gate to ease traveling, go ahead and make the request. Make sure you have a reason though. If you ask for a Shot Gun to kick some alien butt, the Commander will probably won't give you anything.

<b>4.</b> Always Have A Buddy

A Commander may give you a secret Waypoint than everyone else. Maybe a hive. Maybe a very seldom checked resource node. Whatever the order is, always have a buddy with you. Your chance of surviving will be much greater, and if you were sent to Weld vents up and die, your buddy can pick up your Welder and finish the job for you.

<b>5.</b> Learn How To Avoid

I've seen Marines that are so bad that when a Skulk is rushing them, they just stand there and try to shoot them. You have to be more trickier than that. Side step, run around, jump, do anything to confuse the enemy. You must, however, keep your crosshair on the enemy the whole time you do that evasive manuevers.

<b>6.</b> Learn How To Aim

This is what 70% of the Marines out there has to work on. They can't aim for life. When I fight, I do my evasive moves and always keep my crosshair on them. This results in 4-7 Skulks before I die myself. Don't get hit, but hit them. Accuracy is more important than strength of the weapon.

<b>7.</b> Learn How To Use Your Side Arm

I've seen Marines who try to reload once they are out of LMG ammo. Switch to your pistol! If you learn how to aim and have good evasive moves, you can successfully wipe out the Skulk that's been trying to bite you to death.

<b>8.</b> Learn How To Live With Your Initial Weapon

The LMG is stronger than you think. If all 50 shots hit the enemy, it's 500 damage. It takes 10 direct shots from the LMG to kill a skulk in the beginning game. A lot of Marines demand for HMG, GL, and Shot Gun, but I personally prefer the LMG until HA's are available.

<b>9.</b> Know How To Defend

In the beginning of the game, a lot of Marines will go and start building stuff. Make sure you have atleast 2 Marines guarding the doors. Also, keep in mind that this game is more strategy than action. Don't be a pain in the rear if all you do is build stuff and make sieges to kill enemies. It's what the commander wishes you to do.

<b>10.</b> Have Some Common Sense

I shouldn't have to explain this.

<b>Commander Strategy On NS_Hera And NS_Eclipse</b>


Commanders, keep in mind that handing out med packs and ammo is not necessary at the beginning of the game. Save your resources for other things. A lot of Commanders also don't drop enough Welders, especially at the beginning. A good Marine would Weld up most of the vents in the map. In the end game, Welders are crucial resource savers; they can weld HA units.

<b>Guide to NS_Hera</b>

Get in the Command Console, and do your original building set up. Just don't overkill yourself with turrets. Drop a Welder for 1 Marine, and move them out the Hera Reception and Entrance. Here, build the Resource Node, but no TF or Turrets. Have the Marine with the Welder weld both Gate Switches so you can open/close them. Once welding is done, take 1 Marine back to base to make an Observatory. Do not open the left Gate. Go through the right Gate, and head your troops to Holoroom. The last man headed to Holoroom should CLOSE the Gate on the Hera Reception and Entrance side, and run under the closing Gate. Make sure the Welder Marine doesn't Weld the switch on the Holoroom side; you don't want Aliens to gain access to open/close the Gates.

Once you get to Holoroom, make a Phase Gate first, Resource Nodes, Turret Factories and Turrets. The Phase Gate is the most imporant, because it allows slain Marines to get back to Holoroom immediately. A lot of Commanders do not undersetand how important Phase Gates are.

Once you secure Holoroom, have 1 Marine go back to base to make a Arms Lab. Send the rest of your troops towards Data Core. If you know the map, in order to get to Data Core, you need to go through a place called Processing. It's between the maze and Datacore. Now, right outside Processing (still in the maze), make a Phase Gate, Turret Factory, Upgrade it, Turrets, and Siege Cannons against the wall, aiming towards Data Core. 1 Hive's gone. Go into Processing, and go away from the entrance to Data Core. Instead, head toward the walls, and you will see from Commander view that the walls are fairly close to Ventilation 3-C. Make a TF, Upgrade it, and build siege cannons. Hive 2 gone.

The last is easy, load your troops with good weapons and crap, go back to Hera Entrance and Reception, go through the left gate, go up the elevator, and make a Phase Gate and Siege Cannons there. Hive 3 gone.

<b>Guide to NS_Eclipse</b>

Get your base set up, make sure you have 1 turret near the respawn portals. Aliens love to sneak by and take those out. Now, send ALL your troops to South Loop.

Hold South Loop as long as possible. Get a Phase Gate up soon as possibly. Cap that resource node, make a TF, and turrets. If your Marine Team doesn't consist a bunch of n00bs, you should be able to handle this. Incoming resources may be slow, but you will eventually make this your 1st and only expansion. Make Sieges cannons, aiming towards Maintenace, and some towards Computer Core. You may need to slowly invade towards the hives in order to place the Siege Cannons in the proper place, but you will be able to siege both hives from South Loop, or around that general area. After you get the 2 hives, its easy. Just go get Eclipse Command and you're done.


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    very nice. I have a question though about ns_eclipse. I've had problems upgrading my siege canons in this map. I guess south loop works huh? But I hear that if some marines use "E" on the factories after they are built, then they can be upgraded. Is this true?

    BTW outside Eclipse Command and Data Core is where I had problems upgrading those factories.
  • McMastersMcMasters Join Date: 2002-11-13 Member: 8536Members, Constellation
    Whoa, wait a sec -
    if you weld both sides of the door in Hera, doesn't that mean the aliens can open it too?
  • ArchIzualArchIzual Join Date: 2002-11-11 Member: 8246Members
    <b>tleng</b>- I sometimes do have problem making siege cannons in eclipse. When that does happen, the only solution I have are 2, depending on the alien's main hive.

    1. If their hive is Maintenance, get Computer Core ASAP, and then try to work your way towards Maintenance with turret advancement or research HA/GL/HMG ASAP.

    2. If their hive is Computer Core, get Maintenance ASAP, then try to work the way towards Computer Core.

    <b>McMasters</b> - Yup, you're correct. If you weld BOTH sides of the door, the alien will have access to openeing/closing doors as well. I believe my guide said to weld the Hera Entrance and Reception side instead of the Holo-Room side to prevent Aliens from attacking main base.
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