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<div class="IPBDescription">up a lan server so it doesnt check cdkey</div> How would I go about seting up a Hl server <u>not dedicated</u> so it wont check cd-keys for NS, DOD and yes the ultimate evil in this world CS!

If you guys could tell if I could change a line in a file or even give me a modified file or better yet steps to doing so please post here.

If you have no clue or know a link to somewhere that might know please post it thank you!

BTW: If I can get this LAN party going I can get some more NS players since it would be making its "premier" at this said party.


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    First thing you do is send an email to DIRTYPIRATE@ARRESTMENOW.ORG

    then you go jump in a lake.

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    McMasters said it.

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