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<div class="IPBDescription">about the cost of NS2 in pounds</div>hi, so obviously im from the uk, ive been watching this game for a while and thought i mite experiment with the level builders (which i hav never touched b4) however i need 2 preorder for full access. I wanted to buy this game wen it came out anyway so i went to preorder and saw that the price is only in dollars, ive tried searching and found nothing to do with a UK equivalent price in pounds, so my question is:

If I preorder this game how much is it going to cost me? or is there somewhere which explains this which i hav been unable to find?

i understand the importance of supporting the developers of good games, however i need to make sure that there is enough money in my account, instead of preordering it and not being bothered about how much it costs cos its going to a good cause, if this question cant be answered here ill try sending a message on the support/help page or try contacting UWE some other way


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