Having Newbies On Your Marine Team...

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<div class="IPBDescription">...isn't that bad at all!</div> We all know how resources work. We all know algebra. So we know that when someone extra joins on to a team, they never ever directly steal resources from the team, because of the way the math equation works. But here is what I'm getting at.

As marine, let's say 9vs9, you have 4 entirely useless CS rejects. The commander who is intelligent doesn't ever give them any equipment, but does make resource nodes when one of them asks for one. The rejects run around and kill stuff, but not effectively at all. But the team is getting TONS of money! In relation of player usefulness to resources received, newbies are GOLD MINES. If your alien enemy team is equally deficient, you have an advantage because of the way marines utilize their resources. Yes, they'll be getting the same amount of resources as you, but this time the newbies will be taking from the alien pool, as how alien resources work.

It gets better. Once HMG/HA tech is researched, the commander can outfit only his best troops consistently, while still reaping in the money from the newbies. If those newbies were skilled, not all skilled players would be able to get super-duper equipment.

Then the newbies get mad, and eventually leave. Guess what! Your team is REWARDED for having a player-deficient, so whether or not those newbies are even IN the server, doesn't matter at all! You still get hella resources!

Anyways, just wanted people to let off marine newbies a bit. As long as there's about 50-50 percent of skilled players on Marines (and of course a good commander), they stand a VERY good chance. Inversely, aliens are hampered with a 50-50 percent, but greatly excel with higher percentanges, moreso than marines.

Did I make any sense? N00bs, OK on marines, not OK on aliens.


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    Not really. If all you have is one or two newbies defending your resource towers (if they defend them at all), how are you going to keep those resource towers secure from alien attacks?
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    In terms of pure numbers, you're correct; having extra bodies is great, regardless of whether those bodies contain actual, working <i>brains.</i>

    However, keep in mind that resources aren't the only factor, or even the most important factor; having a team that knows about and works towards its objectives is. Having that near-AFK marine around is actually a drain on your team, because it's a good bet his counterpart on the alien team <i>is</i> doing his job, while yours is not. And while the extra resources are nice, it's really mostly the marines that win the game, not the structures you build with those resources coming in.

    Having an extra body does cost you in terms of marines achieving objectives, which is really all that matters in the end. I can't count the number of times I've been on a team in which we had all the resources we needed, but our marines were too stupid to go achieve their goals and so we got barricaded inside our base. Stupid marines still hurt the team by their mere presence, despite the added resource collection, because they in no way contribute towards the team's victory.
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