ns_eva REVIVED!

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Ok so, that last thread is some-what old, so I decided to make a new one out of celebration!

First things first...I've uploaded my map to somewhere special where I won't have to worry about it being deleted after some time (damn you rapidshare!).
Secondly, a GIGANTIC thanks to Barathrum. Luckily, I gave him a beta map for him to look at, and he still had the .bsp, so he uploaded for it, and I decompiled it.
Third, I had to completely re-do my map. That's not a problem though, since I had my old map as a layout to work with.

Here's how my NEW map is coming along:
<img src="http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/2558/nsevarrbeta30006.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />

<img src="http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/5969/nsevarrbeta30004.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />

I've finally got that water fall I've always wanted...but wait, a water fall in space?! IMPOSSIBLE!!! *head explodes*
<img src="http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/304/nsevarrbeta30005.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />

ns_eva takes place on some kind of public shopping area in space that's built in a giant asteroid. Sounds cool right? Right guys? ...right?

Anyway, this place is going to be all high tech and tripped out with cool stuff...<i>maybe</i>. Don't expect anything awesome like a giant mech to come out and go on a killing spree (that would be cool though). But expect to see shops and other neat places.

I want to add a female hologram that gives information about some of the places, like the area your in, or some background info on the spaceship Eva (pronounced with a long E sound, not like Ever but like Evening).
but of course I would need someone who could model a female in a standing pose...know anyone that can do that?

With ns_eva, I want to introduce a whole new type of game-play. Some of you may have read my gamemode suggestion in the I&S section of the forum called Escort. I'll have to re-build my siege cannon and get it working again, but it shouldn't be too hard.

The goal of ns_eva is to escort a Mobile Siege Cannon. It won't look like a siege cannon, but more like a small tank. So if it does go as planned, then this will turn out to be a linear type map. That will mean I would have to write some kind of amxx thing up for this to work...

But if it doesn't then it will be like every other ns map...

So yeah, post comments and etc etc...


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    Ready room is almost done! I just need to add some infestation and the spectator/random team doors.

    Here's a screenshot:
    <img src="http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/6245/nsevarrbeta30007.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />
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    I really like the concept a lot. I also dig the waterfall.

    Your infestation needs a little bit of work though, parts simply cut off and go from "highly infested" to "not infested at all".

    Overall though... I would like to play this map!! And I vote for it to just be a regular NS map rather than the mobile siege cannon idea.

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    I know, and it's already being taken care of.

    Well, I may just have to make it into a normal ns map...since I have no idea how to do amxx coding or anything like that. And if it's ns, players can roam around freely and look at the pretty things in the map.
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    Here's an update on Marine Spawn

    <img src="http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/9994/nsevarrbeta30010.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />
    <img src="http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/2830/nsevarrbeta30009.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />
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    Here is a picture of the Observatory Hive.

    <img src="http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/1252/nsevarrbeta30013.png" border="0" class="linked-image" />

    Since this takes place on a public cruise ship of some kind, it has an observatory area where they had a small area that the Kharaa lived in. They would let passengers look at the kharaa live in a small area and stuff...so expect this place to be highly infested.

    But something went wrong and they escaped...so now the marines are sent in to take care of the problem.

    I'm hoping to add a mission brief type thing in the ready room.

    I just have to fix a couple of texture things and fix a black model and the lighting and it'll be good for now...then I have to finish the top half of it which might be a bit of a pain...

    Edit: I'm hoping to add a low gravity room too. I'm not sure where it's going to fit in the map though.
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    This map really doesn't look that great tbh. It's on the fringe of being a rats map, everything is way out of proportion and ... huge. You also have some severe lighting problems. It looks like you didn't bother to use lights.rad for texture lighting and are just putting light entities everywhere which looks both way too bright and wrong. Blue lights should emit blue light, not have an omnidirectional white light from the center of the room.

    Your texturing needs some work too. Stretching a monitor texture out on a flat brush really doesn't look like a computer console and the lights in the RR need to be resized so they don't look crunched up.
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    So you are working on a payload or goldrush map (Tf2 like) ? ^^
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    Marine spawn reminds me of a variant more functionable Ayumi.
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