Coil Has Way To Much Time On His Hands

pDKpDK Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 2237Members
<div class="IPBDescription">Click to find out why</div> While browsing through the bugs forums... I noticed a post from coil about a minor carapace bug. Which was all fine and dandy until I saw what he created in the end: A full fledge scientific <a href='' target='_blank'>Write-up report</a> about it! By all means... I can understand telling Flayra in great detail what the bug does.... but to go as far as this?!?!? A simple "A lmg does this amount of damage while it should only be doing this amount" would have been most sufficient.
So I nominate coil, for the Good Citizen Award, for going above the call of duty as play tester and showing everyone else what it truly does mean to be a play tester. Amen brother! Keep NS bug free!


  • RamsesRamses Join Date: 2002-05-21 Member: 642Members
    Well, I read that write-up also and i have to agree.

    I hereby(?) nominate Coil for the <b>Fade of the Week</b>
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  • Da_SargeDa_Sarge Old School Suck Join Date: 2002-10-15 Member: 1502Members
    Someone has to make a "GORGE OF THE WEEK" thing. I would love to recevive one of those. Maybe I should get one for coming up witht that idea.....
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    <span style='color:red'>***NUKED***</span>

    If you have not got anything nice to say...
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  • QuietMischief1QuietMischief1 Join Date: 2002-11-06 Member: 7456Members
    we're all very happy here at the forums you have grown up and matured TenSix
  • Rico1Rico1 NS Oldtimer Join Date: 2002-05-24 Member: 664Members
    I would advise you that you take your problems with coil. Flaming people in this board will get you nothing and im sure that if it was terminotaur who came up with it nobody would care because it has already been fixed. Had terminotaur posted it, instead of spamming it on the IRC channels or whatever he did to get himself banned, coil wouldnt have had to post it.

    And please try to keep this board friendly, a lot of people try to be mature around these parts and insulting someone to get "recognition" will get you none.
  • RandomEngyRandomEngy Join Date: 2002-11-03 Member: 6146Members, Reinforced - Shadow
    It looks like a pretty concise and effective experiment and write-up. It's definitely a good way to make the bug known. I'd be much more convinced by a write-up like this than a comment like "carapace doesn't work right." Also, getting numbers would help Flayra find the source of the bug more quickly.
  • pDKpDK Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 2237Members
    /me hands QM a tissue

    Does someone need a hug?
  • FamFam Diaper-Wearing Dog On A Ball Join Date: 2002-02-17 Member: 222Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor
    Coil is a Playtester, and a damn fine one at that. These things need to be delivered in a way which can be understood by Flayra, in order to solve the problem. Shouting and moaning about it all over IRC is not the way to get things fixed. Posting coherent reports that show patterns and trends of bugs in the Bug report forum or the Playtest forum is.
  • TwexTwex Join Date: 2002-11-02 Member: 4999Members
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    1) If you call this bug minor, you have not understood NS

    2) If you think coil was the first to post a perfectly coherent bug report, you have not paid attention. Terminotaur deserves any and all credit for this finding.

    coil first denied the existence of the bug and later admitted his mistakes by doing his own tests.

    It's hard enough already to break through the prevalent "PTs are always right" attitude. Let's do our best to stay calm and adhere to the facts.
  • NimbusNimbus Join Date: 2002-11-06 Member: 7239Members
    What I want to know is how long the bug was in effect. Was it in during playtesting? If so, well, this change is untested.
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