Six Days In Sanjii

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Part 2
This is a work in progress, and if people like it I might edit it/ revise it...

Disclaimer:The original, official "Six Days in Sanjii: Part One" was written by Jeff Paris and is available at the following URL: As of yet, this is an unofficial sequel. Should Jeff want this to be removed, I'll delete this post, and remove the file form my computer. I give him total credit for the orriginal idea.

That being said, here we go!

Six Days in Sanjii
Part 2

We spent the rest of the time setting up a perimeter. Daring dropped a turret factory, and we placed some turrets around to guard our ‘base’. Shellack got another medpack in him, and was able to sit up, he couldn’t fight, but he helped us figure out how to operate some of the machines Daring dropped. It took us about 20 minutes till we started to feel safer again.

“Hey Daring, we gunna go kill these things yet? I’d love to see one of them get through THAT defense.”

“Don’t be too cocky Buld. We still don’t know what we’re up against.” Mercy readjusted the shotgun in his hands.

“Fajid, Buld, Mercy, and Tellig, I want you to head to the generator. From there, you can work you’re way out, killing anything you find. I put in a request for a support team, and they’ll be here in 2 days. We should be able to handle things till then.”

Daring set a waypoint for us, and we headed out. It was pretty uneventful, and we were starting to feel pretty sure of ourselves. Buld kept bragging out how he could take on all of these aliens by himself, and how no alien was going to get him like they did Shellack. That’s when all hell broke loose.

Buld turn a corner ahead of Tellig and myself, and instantly started yelling, and shooting. They rest of us ran around the corner to see Buld franticly firing at three aliens. I took aim and was about to fire, when a streak of movement caught my eye. I looked up, and too my left, just in time to see 2 more aliens jumping from the ceiling. One of them was heading right for my head. Instinct took over, and time slowed down. I fired 2 shots at the alien, and watched it twist in mid air, as the bullets impacted it. It fell to the ground, in a tangles mess of orange flesh, and yellow blood. The other alien that had jumped from the ceiling was had landed, and was leaping towards Mercy. Tellig twisted around, and killed that one. That left 3 more. Buld has successfully held of the other 3, until after we killed the 2 that were ambushing us. Somehow they seemed to know we’d killed their pals, and charged us. Buld killed one, and the other two scattered. I thought I saw one run into a vent, and the other one ran across the ceiling and out of sight.

“What the hell was that, an ambush?!” Buld started cursing under his breath.

We heard Daring’s muffled voice over the intercom. “Sorry guys, I was dropping Shellack another medpack, when I saw you guys were under attack. For some reason, these things don’t show up unless they’re right on top of you. I’m having Shellack try to rig up some for of tracking for them, but I don’t know if he’ll get it done. I’m going to keep better watch on you guys from now on.”

“Yeah, Commander, we’d appreciate it.”

We spent another 4 hours making our way towards the generator. We took an indirect route, and stayed in the shadows as much as possible. The slightest noise would make us jump, and where our eyes went, so did the business end of our shotguns. We made it as far as maintenance, before someone died.

I was right behind Buld when it happened. We were standing outside the door to Maintenance, and Tellig opened it. Buld went in first, and I tried to follow. Almost as soon as I went through the door, Buld flew backwards into me, knocking me to the ground. My gun was pinned between his body, and my own. I saw a cluster of small spikes sticking out of his chest. Blood boiled up from the wounds, and from his lack of movement I knew he was dead. Daring called to Tellig, and Mercy, warning them that I was pinned down by some form of alien turret. Mercy and Tellig tried to kill whatever these things were, but shotguns were useless against them. I called to them over the intercom, and told them to keep the door open. Using Buld’s dead body as a shield, I slowly made my way back out through the door. As soon as I was through, Tellig locked the door. I rolled Buld spike filled body off me, and took the shotgun from his hands. I had to leave min in Maintenance.

“Well, I guess that way’s blocked. There’s a maintenance tunnel down the hallway to you’re right, which should take you to the generator.”

“Sir, what about Buld? We’re not going to just leave him here, are we?” Mercy was leaning over Buld’s body, examining the wounds.

“Yes, we are. Fajid, I want you to take point. Move it.”

We crawled down the maintenance tunnel for what felt like hours. We watched out backs, and put our trust in Daring to call out if he saw anything move besides us. After a while, we reached the hatch leading to generator. Tellig tried to open it, and after a few minutes of fighting with it got the manual release to work. He opened it, and we all gasped. The Generator room was covered with this slimy growth or yellow, pink and brown seaweed. It was like a fungus had taken over the entire place. The worst part was hanging from the ceiling. It looked like a giant bulb, with a spout at the bottom. It pulsated like a giant heart.

“What the hell is that thing?” Mercy asked.

Tellig cocked his shotgun. “I don’t know, but it’s in our way. I’m gunna go kill it.”

“Negative, Tellig. That room is crawling with hostiles. They keep fading in and out, so I can’t tell you how many. That’s it guys, we’re scrubbing this idea. I want you to the docking bay, and we’ll hold ‘em off there till the reinforcements arrive.” Daring then told us how to get there.

Tellig locked the hatch, and we proceeded to the Docking bay. We ran into more alien turrets, and Mercy took the brunt of the attack. Tellig and myself ran past them, and only got hit once or twice. After reaching the Docking Bay, Daring had us lock it, and we built up some defenses in there. He also dropped a command chair, and told us that he and Shellack were going to head here. We never heard from him again.

Tellig and I chatted for several hours. We got a couple hours of sleep, and tried to keep our minds off the fates of Daring, Shellack, and most importantly ourselves. Tellig got up to go relieve himself in the corner of the room, while I stayed by the command chair, and the armory we’d built.

“Fajid, did you hear that? It sounded like a metal grate fell, or somethin—” Tellig’s voice trailed off. About half a second later he started screaming.

I got up, grabbed my gun, and ran to Tellig, or what was left of him. An Alien was tearing into him like a rabid dog. I fired 4 shots into the thing, to make sure it was dead. Looking around I could see how it got out in, one of the vents was missing it’s cover. I found it, and realized it had broken the bolts holding it on. I went to the armory, and punched up a welder. I went around, and welded every possible entrance way I could think of. It took me several hours, but I was finally content.

The reinforcements arrived a day later. They contacted me over the command chair’s radio, and told me they were sending a drop ship down. I waited, and soon I saw the drop ship land. I stood out in the open as the ship was ferried to the landing pad nearest me. As I walked towards it, I saw the back end open up, and 10 marines armed with light machine guns walked out, and headed towards me.

“So, I hear you’ve got a bug problem.” The marine that said this must have been the commander from the way walked. He seemed overly confident.

“Yeah. So far we’ve run into two types. One’s kinda like a tree stump, and shoots spikes. The other kind is right over there.” I pointed at the alien I had killed earlier. “They can climb on walls, and up vents, and are fast as hell. I’ve never seen anything move like they do. However, they seems to die pretty easy against a shotgun.”

“Eh, they don’t look too hard to kill. Sounds like you guys just cam ill prepared, is all. My name’s –” I never got to hear his name, because at that moment I heard the most blood curdling noise I’ve ever heard. It sounded like some primal scream from a supernatural beast. The noise was followed by a loud crunch, and the sound of screeching metal. The door to the docking bay was ripped out of the wall by a giant alien. It was huge, taller than myself, and it looked like a rhino on steroids. It was the same color as the other aliens, sort of a brown orange mottled color. This beast ran straight at the group of marines. I jumped out of the way, just in time. The creature hit the marines, and kept going. It charged right at the drop ship, as if it knew that was our way of escape. A couple of the survivors shot at it, but it just headed right for the drop ship. IT ran full speed into it, and it imbedded itself into the side. The drop ship exploded, raining shrapnel all around the docking bay. It this moment, that I knew I was going to die here.

I didn’t move for a few minutes, expecting more of these huge beasts to come finish us off. Thankfully there weren't anymore, so I got up, and started helping the survivors. There were 5 of us, and only 2 were in fighting condition. I contacted the ship, and they instructed my to build an infantry portal. They walked me through it, and soon there were more reinforcements phasing in.

The first one walked up to me and said, “Fajid? I’m Commander Nelson. Don’t worry, we’re going to send some equipment down, and break out a couple prototypes we’ve been dying to play with. We’re taking this base, at all costs.”

o Changed Reactor to Generator, after reading part 1 again.
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o Tellig now relieves himself, instead of p1ssing
More changes to come....
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