LAN servers off the list.

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<div class="IPBDescription">Two computers can't host... The ones I'd like to use</div>So, I've got a bunch of computers here, but the two I'd like to host a LAN listenserver with won't show up on the list. Strangely enough, they both had the the 64bit black XP bar bug. They arent 64bit though, though they do have Vista.

I'm using a completely legal version of steam, and NS is a fresh install.

Good news is, there is an XP computer that has had NS installed on it for years, and it works as a host. Bad news is, I compared the listenserver.cfg and they look the same. Dlls are the same size too. I can't use the XP computer for hosting, its open to constant family use.

Vista problem I guess?


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    I've seen this happen, seemingly randomly. Sometimes when I host a server at LANs people can see it, other times they cannot.

    Make sure your firewall is disabled on the server. This includes any horrible 3rd party firewalls. Anything that says "Internet Protection" really means "slow your computer down and screw up your internet when you uninstall probably", fyi.

    Can they connect to the server's computer name or IP address?
    Can they see the computer in Network Neighborhood?

    One thing I never checked is the workgroup. Are they in the same workgroup?

    It may be a vista thing but I've seen this happen in windows 2000 days.
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