Natural-Selection reborn

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suport this topic pls
Hello to all.
I am a NSPlayer from Brazil and after some months with our servers
empty, the Brazilian community of Natural-Selection its coming back to

However i think that a little incentive will make a lot of countrys
come back to play again

I think that some map changes and some 'perfums' in existents game
modes in a new update patch for NS can 'reborn' the game into the world
grace again.

Whe are a lot of time waiting for NS2 i know that will be released
'when its done' and i am thinking that its right, the game must be
perfect to be launched (of course whe will w8 for Demo versions before
final release =P ), so, what i am asking is to NS developers to show
for community that NS2 its comming (this is fact), but NS1 its not dead (this is almost true, Unfortunately).

So, i am in favour of a new update with some new (not huge) changes, even if its added just a new maps and some new sounds wink-fix.gif

Thanks marine.gif
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Got dammit I only buy a game if it has "2" in the name!!!


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    We've been trying to get them to release an Official Map Pack for a VERY long time now. Check the thread here, which was posted by a dev almost a year ago.

    I'm guessing it'll never happen. Frankly, im now thinking of releasing my own Unofficial Map Pack tounge.gif. But if you want some quality custom maps, try that thread. Check out mine (ns_nexus_v2), and i'd suggest: ns_enceladus, ns_rust_1_3, ns_achiov2b4, ns_saturn_v3, ns_oasis, ns_forgotten_b1 (though its still very early in its development, could probably use some work), ns_rampage.

    Im sure there are a bunch more gems, but those are the only ones that are coming to mind right now. And i dont count siege or CO maps tounge.gif
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    I would like to see an update aswell, nothing big but just something small, and a few new "official" maps (if there are any good enough ones?). Right now we are lacking good maps for competetive play. Some otherwise good maps can't be played because of some flaws, like ns_lost because of Alpha hive, ns_lucid siege exploit etc. What would be really welcomed is that the mappers could update some maps a little as competetive play in mind. smile-fix.gif

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