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I have this idea which i think is an amazing idea, here it goes. A new marine armor class, it'll kinda be like the MAX armor from Planetside. I think i will call it PES (Personal Exo-Suit), which will be slow to move and turn and have two gun arms which cant change weapons but be fairly powerful, think of it as the first real 1v1 counter to an onos but without killing it before the onos reaches it to attack it.

Anyways onto the details of the PES Armor, it will have a bit about half the health of armor of an onos maybe a bit more. The first gun arm which is the right arm will be a HAC (Heavy Auto Cannon) which will do a good amount of damage more per shot then a GL grenade and have good range but have a 2 second delay per round shot, damage can also be up to the devs off course <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tounge.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":p" border="0" alt="tounge.gif" />. The second arm will be a HMG (Heavy Machine Gun), like the HMG already for the marine armor available, it will instead of 150 ammo per clip instead of 100 and will have 1 extra clip of ammo. It will do a bit less damage then a normal HMG, so it's not over powered.

The PES Armor should cost around 125, maybe 100 if 125 is to much resources to buy for a marine and could maybe have a limit to how many could be built, say maybe 2 or 3, if planned and made right wont be to powerful and wont overpower an onos, although having a limit of 2 or 3 would do good against an onos rush.

The HAC will mainly be for slow moving targets like the onos and structures due to it's high fire power and it's long delay per round shot, against fast moving targets it will be inaccurate, the HAC will carry 12 ammo per cartridge and 2 extra cartridges of ammo. The HMG arm will be fast tracking with high accuracy that compensates for the slow turning of the PES Armor and due to the high clip amount you don't have to worry about running out of ammo before killing your fast moving target with your HMG arm. Lastly the PES Armor will have an ability that works kinda like an alien ability, called Anchor. Anchor will put the PES Armor into a stationary state where it digs it's feet into the ground with anchor like spikes, which increases it's turning speed by a good amount.

The rate of fire for both gun arms will be raised a bit too, the HAC show delay will be lowered by half a second to 1.50 seconds, and the HMG rate of fire will be raised a bit to make it fire a bit faster then the normal hmg for marines, taking into account Anchor ability makes the PES immobile which makes it very vulnerable to alien attack up close but makes it much more accurate and fire faster.

That is about all there is i have for it, it wont be overpowered where it can kill and onos with dying itself or taking alot of damage or mopping down every skulk or fade it comes across. I think it'll be very balanced, those are just my rough but good ideas, i hope the Dev team will look at this idea and see if they like it or not, if it is to overpowered by there means they can use it then lower it's power but i think it's fairly well balanced as is <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tounge.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":p" border="0" alt="tounge.gif" />.

Oh and the PES Armor is roughly 75 too 90 percent the height of an onos and about 60 too 85 percent the width of the onos, so it's too big to eat but cannot go in small areas accessible by marines or aliens that aren't an onos, like vents and so on. The Dev team can edit this idea in any way they see fit for if they wanna use it, it's just how i see it and being balanced for the game.


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    It might be fun to screw around with, but until they make an NS game that features outdoor environments or otherwise huge spaces, I don't think it's a practical addition. Heavies with HMGs could do the same job, if they are coordinated like they're supposed to be.
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    fyi, HMGs have 125 in the clip, not 100
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    Yes they do have 125 ammo sorry, but the extra 25 would be nice, and just so you know Exo-Suits aren't really outdoor offensive units there more of a indoor heavy assault unit that extends the basic marine armor with a heavy suit for close quarters combat indoors, although there also useful for outdoors, the size of one being an onos and for the way i made it out to be it would be a good addition to the game, it wouldn't be overpowered, and without being anchored it would have a slow turn speed making a swarming tactic from the aliens a viable option to take it out without all the alien players getting slaughtered.

    I mean just because it's an indoor game doesn't mean you cant add something like an Exo-Suit which is basically a heavy HA armor for marines just abit taller then an HA near the size of an onos and with two guns on arms instead of holding in hands. I have seen numerous games and mods that have Exo-Suits for indoor environments and some outdoors, but lots of them are meant for indoor usage, like Dystopia for HL2 which is a mod with heavy armor like Exo-Suits that alot of the maps are mostly indoor environments they might not have 2 gun arms but they are heavily armored and hard to take down.

    Planetside has MAX armor which are actual Exo-Suits which are good for outdoors environments but also have reduced accuracy at range, which makes them a more indoor environment.

    My Point is just because all of the maps in NS2 are gonna be indoor environments doesn't mean we cant have an Exo-Suite type armor in the game, the HA with an HMG is powerfull but against a very large horde of charging onos you cant take down enough of them for the onos to not eat you then destroy a marine base. and limiting the amount of PES Armor you can have on a marine team will make the armor balanced enough where it wont and cant be spammed to the point where onos is useless, and it would also be the first real 1v1 counter to an onos that doesn't make an unfair advantage in combat.
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