Preordering PC Games in Canada - Need Some Help

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<div class="IPBDescription">UT3, Crysis, GoWPC, CoD4</div>So I went and ordered a new rig, and thought that some games to test out on it would be good.

So after some preview reading, some video watching and some demo playing, I have come to the conclusion that Unreal Tournament 3, Crysis, Gears of War PC and Call of Duty 4 would be a superb way to "benchmark" my new PC.

However, to my dismay, it seems that I appear to live in a third world country known only as... Canada, eh? No doot aboot it.

...Anyways! Gamestop/EBgames will not ship to Canada. Nor will ...Amazon<b>*.ca*</b> doesn't even have the games listed... neither does Bestbuy/Futureshop. So I am at a loss... where can I find a website to preorder all four games to Canada?

Thanks for your time,
Sid <3


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    Are you seriously going to buy 4 full priced games without knowing if ANY ONE OF THEM is good? I wish I had that kind of money. In any case, the CoD4 demo and UT3 demo do benchmarking just fine, and Gears of War is the same engine as UT3 so you don't even need to bother. CoD4's engine is so outdated that it's really not worth it though.

    If by "benchmark" you actually just mean "use," then you're doubly a fool! The CoD4 demo, at least in my opinion, makes the game feel a <i>lot</i> less fun than the first two, and UT3 is basically just UT2k4 with some new stuff. GoW might be a crappy port and Crysis could always suck, so I'd just wait.
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    A little pessimestic, aren't we? ;P

    But in any ways, you are right. If I just wait until they come out, not only will I get to see reviews, but their availability will be a lot better to boot. Hmmm...

    The UT3 demo doesn't even use full texture detail as the retail version supposedly does, and CoD 4... doesn't actually look all that impressive. The demo was... very meh.

    Anyways, I'm just asking where I can preorder such games to Canada? Everywhere I look... either don't have all four, or don't ship to Canada. :/
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    If you got into a EB Games in person you can order the games usually. You could try the same for Bb/FS since their websites suck usually. In short, go in, in person and see what you can do.
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    Compy: Our EBGames in my town has screwed me over too many times... calling to say they have it... and I losercruise it down there (bus it), and they tell me they never called, or do not have it in.

    Or even one time, told me I never preordered it in the first place. :x
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    Weird. I'm in Canada and my EB's (we have about 5 in Victoria for some reason) have never screwed me on a preorder.
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    What pisses me off about being in Canada is that even if right now our dollar value is higher then the US dollar, computer stuffs (hardware and software) here is still between 40-80% higher in cost then in the US. It would be cheaper to order it in US and have it shipped here but since I never did that, I have no idea how much additional total cost it would be added to the price (shipement, taxes, fees, ...)
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