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LuntiXLuntiX Join Date: 2007-09-27 Member: 62445Members
Alright, I may be new to the forums, but I'm not new to the game. Anyways, I run the <a href="" target="_blank">NS2 page over at FPSBanana</a> (Just Recently came into control) and it's been rough. Mainly because not that many people on that community know of NS and NS2. I've submitted news there for NS2 and NS but of course they get shadowed by Counter-Strike (1.6 and Source), Team Fortress 2, and other various games. So the hype on FPSBanana for NS2 is low.

There is only so much I can do alone on a website with thousands of members. So yeah, I need some suggestions on what to do to create a hype for NS2 on FPSBanana. A new banner (160x60, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp), and an icon (32x32, gif, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp), would help. One thing that I thought that would be awesome to create some hype for NS2 on FPSBanana is an "exclusive" interview with the NS2 team, but I'm not sure the chances of that happening.

Anyways, anyone have ideas on how to increase the hype for NS2 on FPSBanana?


  • MindmeldmeMindmeldme The Evil One Join Date: 2002-10-27 Member: 1637Members
    I don't personally think there is to much you can do just yet. What I would suggest is show them the movie from NS (trailer) and the move them through what NS is and how it looks. Then show them some concept art and the D.I. from NS2. This would give them an idea of how it looks now and then what it's going to be so they can see the difference and changes.
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