The Dojo Is Now Open

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A couple weeks ago the NS Training branch of our team launched to get all the sportsmanlike, competitively-minded <b>regular everyday NS-players</b> in one place, and its purpose was set in motion. Captains were recruited for subteams and they seem to be having a good time learning the deeper curves of the game with Golden of team Sphere (among the best in the nation) as well as playing ridiculous 10v10 pickup games (lol).

The Dojo has finally come together in its entirety, and in my opinion, it's begun very successfully. We have a solid core of captains and their teams including Agamemnon, who helped pilot the idea of subclans - he leads Hydra, who hail from TG's community of teamwork and maturity. Asmodee is captaining EvolveNS (and providing our webspace) - he has one of the most active teams I've seen in the program, I expect Evolve to do very well. AGTMADCAT's frightful presence brings us the ever-intimidating Rainbow Fruitbasket from the IAM server. Mullet, from the Asero community, has recently joined along with a host of friends who are busy planning out the structure and details of their team. Finally, I'd like to personally thank Tours for volunteering as a farm team captain, above Haze-Eighty-Eight in Paradox.

When we set out a few weeks ago our goals were, and remain, fairly straightforward. We saw that the competitive NS community was divided into good pubbers, and veterans, and that trying to "break into" the veteran division was so difficult that teams became discouraged and in the end, were not having fun. For that reason we sought to generate and train subteams, and also to facilitate future organized play for those teams when the time came. We understood that dropping newbies in the deep end with veterans is no way to facilitate fun and rewarding gameplay for all. We decided that offering an <i>opportunity to improve</i> before simply discounting new players as "noobs" was only appropriate if the mentioned problems were ever to be solved.

This is a <b>game</b> that is played for <b>fun</b>. We're not expecting people to join boot camp, but it is my belief that a fair number of players exist in the NS community who have the personality that values learning a complex game deeply, and enjoying an organized atmosphere of teamwork with good friends. If that assumption is correct, this project will grow prosperously.

So if you're interested in competitive but are turned off by the tremendous skill stacks the vet teams have, or if you saw this information posted a few weeks ago but decided that being a captain wasn't for you, this is your opportunity to join a pre-established team to re-enforce the community and learn while playing a good game with great people.

We now have a permanent website and the aforementioned teams are available for joining. If you think you might be interested, but not quite set on joining a team fully, consider participating in our <i>ringer pool</i> program. All the details are on the website.

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Here's hoping you enjoy the program,
--Radix, with regards from The Dojo Team


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