My internets is broeks

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<div class="IPBDescription">Another help me topic</div>Well, I am quite stumped once again. My internet on my desktop PC has decided to stop working.

1. 3 other PC's in my house (including this laptop I am on now) are still connecting fine through a router
2. My main PC is unable to even ping the router (cable problem you think, wrong)
3. My PC is being assigned an IP/Subnet mask and such correctly and I can release/renew them all I want (means it is communicating with the router)
4. I did try flipping ports on the router into known working ones, but no go
5. The XP network window shows small chunks of normal data going in/out (very small, normal on my network)
6. It is unable to see/be seen by any other computers on the
7. I can log into the router from other PC's fine and it doesn't appear anyone has got/tried to get into it (checked the logs)
8. Router is all encrypted and passworded
9. This problem occurred when I left my PC for dinner while I left it on, just started happening

I have done all the basics of reboots and such, but any other zany ideas?


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    Try scrounging a PCI network card from one of your other computers. Your current one could be on the blink. I remember a while ago my parent's house was hit by lightning. It fried the onboard NICs on every computer in the house but left the rest of the computer intact. Replaced the router and bought a stack of PCI network cards and everything was right as rain.

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    I agree. Do you have onboard LAN or a card? I believe most Network cards actually have a built in troubleshooting light that you can see from the back, but I'm not sure of the blink codes and whatnot. That could probably be checked on their website. Easiest way to test is to just switch on out, or if you have built in LAN to make sure that it's disabled in the bios, then install a different card.

    If that doesn't work, try setting up your LAN again. Or reverse the order as that's the easier way. <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tounge.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":p" border="0" alt="tounge.gif" />
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