Adding New Features to NS 3.2

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Hrm ok well .. 1 i know marines hate gas... and 2... i know aliens hate it when marines attack the aliens instead of the hive ect..

So here is my idea for a comprimise..

When Chambers are dropped in the Hive Location(doesn't matter if near the hive or not), the chambers get healed by the hive fairly well.

It seems unfair at first.. but here is the rest of the idea.. When marines shoot the hive .. the hive no longer heals chambers within the hive area and instead is stimulated to drop aliens ....

This makes taking down a hive abit more challening if there are Chambers around.

As for marines.. They should get a new structure.. possibly an air filter of some kind that changes the acidic gas into a base that doesn't do dmg. Gas within a certain radius of this structure doesn't do damage.

This may not seem fair cuz one would think to spam the structure all over. The catch is, you cant build the same structure in the gas canceling radius.

Adding this would get rid of spawn camping for aliens.. it would also get rid of massive gassage when the base is being attacked.


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    Why did you post in Natural Selection 2. And lerks need to gas; so this air filter you speak of would basically just want to remove the lerk. Gas is avoidable, and the fast respawning would be kinda lame. But its always good to post your thoughts.
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    oops meant to post in NS 3.2 and as for the structure it should be some easy to take down.. like half the HP of an IP but it would be kinda pricey so it wouldn't be replaced after being destroyed
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