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So I've set up all kinds of hotkeys as a commander to drop everything from health to turrets. The problem I'm finding though, is that much of the time my hotkeys don't work at all, pressing the key does absolutely nothing, this is usually in a crucial situation when I need to spam health. Is anyone else having this problem it is extremely annoying. I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. I've tryed to ESC so that nothing is selected but I still can't drop stuff half the time through hotkey.


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    To drop health, you must first have the appropriate menu open. There's a hotkey available for it as well, which I suggest you bind in the same area as your health and ammo hotkeys.

    For example, my health hotkey is keypad 7, and my ammo is keypad 9. The menu that needs to be open to drop both is keypad 5. That way I can quickly hit 5, 7 to drop health on a marine.
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    some times i have trouble with the hotkeys, sometimes i press them and nothing happens. im guessing u have the same trouble, as to a solution i dont know, but if u are having the same trouble, its not just you
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    The commander menus can get a slight bit buggy at times. You do need to have the specific menu for a specific drop selected to make said drop. Sometimes, building menus will get "stuck" in your hud, not allowing you to select one of your primary menus. To alleviate this, click on another building, preferably a building without a menu, such as the Command Console. Then click on the menu you want.

    Other than this tidbit of information, I cannot help you.
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    yes, maybe we should suggest this in the technical support section? i dont think its as appropriate in the frontiersmen strategy section (no offense, of course) u might want to post it there, ill do it if u dont though, cuz it would be great to see commanders moving a lil' faster with hotkeys, i know it would make commanding a lil' easier when i play.
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    you are very right, tryed it last night, you must have the tree menu open to use the hotkey, think we should bug this very PIA.
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