Oklahoma vs. Oregon game yesterday

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<div class="IPBDescription">such BS!</div>well i attend the university of oklahoma. for those of you that watched the game im sure you can understand why i am so ######.

oregon beat oklahoma by one point. and it was a completely undeserved win.

ok was 13 points ahead, oregon got one legit touchdown then did an onside kick to recover the ball, but oregon touched the ball before it had gone 10 yards, which makes it oklahomas ball at where they touched it.

the play went under review to see what actually happened, it was obvious from the replays that oregon touched it first.

the announcers even were talking about how obvious it was that oregon had touched it first.

but the refs had other plans. they gave the ball to oregon even though anyone watching the game knew it was oklahomas ball.

then right after that they gave a pass interference flag on ou when the ball had been knicked in the air before it was caught. if its knicked in the air it becomes a dead ball, meaning its open to effin anyone.

i hate refs so much.


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