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A 2nd try at mapping.
Long ago, I was making a map called ns_industry which I created a thread about here, but its long since it disappeared. Overall, if I may say so, it was met with good comments. The theme of ns_industry is one of grittiness and pollution, but I grew bored of that theme, so I suspended work on ns_industry. Behold! ns_derelict, a cold and metallic research ship long forgotten in a far corner of the galaxy. Humanoid forms were not detected when the TSA sent people to salvage the precious research information left on board for eons. As they boarded the ship, they found that the systems still operate with an eerie precision long after their masters' demise, largely due to the ship's experimental Eternal Engine. What had brought the crew's death was apparent when they discovered that they were not the only ones on the derelict ship....
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